Wednesday, July 8th 2009

Corsair Pulls Dominator GT Line from the Market

I'm afraid I have to serve some bad news for owners of the expensive Corsair Dominator GT memories. Corsair today informed the community that they will temporarily stop selling top of the line Dominator GT DDR3 modules due to an issue with the Elpida chips used in them. The DDR3-2000 CAS 7 Elpida chips also called "Hyper" RAMs are likely to fail for an yet unknown reason. Corsair says the fail ratio is very small, but unacceptable to them so they are pulling all affected models from the market until the problem is solved. Corsair will continue to support owners of the already sold modules.
We have seen a number of reports across various forums about failures of modules (from Corsair as well as from other memory manufacturers) built with Elpida "Hyper" RAMs. Through lab testing, we have now been able to reproduce similar failures. We are continuing to test to determine the cause of these failures. Note that although a relatively small percentage of "Hyper" ICs appear to be affected, the rate of failure is not acceptable to Corsair or to our customers. Due to these failures, we will no longer sell Hyper-based modules until the issue can be resolved. We have also have asked our retailers to return any modules they currently have on their shelves. Products impacted include TW3X4G1600C6GTF, TR3X6G1866C7GTF, TR3X6G2000C8GTF, TR3X3G2000C7GTF, and TR3X6G2000C7GTF. We are working on enhancing our manufacturing and testing process to be able to offer these parts again as soon as possible. We continue to stand behind these modules 100% with our standard warranty, which can be found here.
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The Exiled Airman
well if its unacceptable to them that means the issues must be big.
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Exactly what I was thinking, since other manufacturers dont seem to have as much of a concern about stopping production with buggy elpida ddr3 chips (oh hi BABG), this goes to show that Corsair really make the effort with their products, I seem to get the same impression from HP for their perseverance with their many notebook recalls.
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PP Mguire
Aw well i hope they bring the Dominator GTs back soon because i wanted some with my eVGA Classified =(
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Overclocking Surrealism
Same thing happened to Kingston HyperX modules. They have such a bad rep now because so many bad ones went out.
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Wile E
Power User
So is this related to voltage, or just a bad process altogether?

A little OT: I remember some batches of DDR2 D9 being really sensitive to overvolting. Just wonder if this is more of the same.
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Bird of Prey
Micron needs to ramp up some extreme ICs then. Or Promos.
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This is good. Better safe than sorry.
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The Exiled Airman
First of all stop using Elpedia altogether and use some Samsung ICs/Micron/Infineon ICs.
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