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  • :D Happy to hear it wasn't DOA. Usually if there is a problem with a motherboard it's in the first week of arrival or doesn't post at all. Congrats!
    Ahhh, NewEgg! I love them sooo much. Yeah, you will have to sign for it so even if you miss it either one of those days they won't leave it.
    Eeek, comin UPS? I hope it requires a signature. If not, they will just leave it in plain sight.
    Yeah, well just keep in touch. If you do end up having any questions about the bios settings in a DFI, I know quite a few of them and I will try my best to help you if you need/want it. :)
    Probly wouldn't increase at all. The pro's are just a downclocked version of the XT. I have owned an XT before, wish it wouldn't have died on me so quick.
    Yeah just for the next few days or so, if you don't mind I am trying to figure out If I just want to go with a single slot P31 board.
    Hmmmmm, unsure of how much better if at all they would be over the dominators. Was wondering if you could do me a big favor and put the 2600XT in a pending state for me. Would be greatly appreciated. :)
    Well, the dominators are really nice sticks. I mean you should be able to push them a little over 500mhz with 5-5-5-15 @ ~2.1v.
    DDR3 would be a plus. Cool, the DFI will serve you well. You will more than likely have questions regarding the bios settings but just give a hollar to sneekypeet and Cold Storm.
    Well, alot of power is not needed for me. I wanna shoot for a 400fsb+ board though. I barely game, mostly surf and watch movies. Sometimes Photoshop.
    Oh hey, try bumping your multi up to 8.5, and bringing your fsb back down to 460. That should put you at 3.9Ghz.
    Actually, he picked up a brand new 790FX-DS5. Keep me up to date on the P5K. I am almost certain though I am getting a new board.
    Linked = when you up fsb, dram bus goes up also. Unlinked = locked @ dram speed you specify.

    So there is no possible way for you to put it down to 400mhz for the divider? Maybe have to up ram volts to 2.2.
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