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  • well i dont really mind, besides i wouldn't be able to change the thread title just the thread post, only mods can change the title.
    lol im not saying he started the first benchmarking thread he just started that color scheme and everything. erocker said he wanted to keep it under that name because card manu. already recognize it and look at it and whatnot.

    but dont get me wrong i wouldn't mind having it under my name. : )
    alcopone's 3dmark06 comp.
    he started that.

    my thread is basicly the same thing just a diff benchmark.
    I've ran 3.8G stable with this Q6600 - although load temps were approaching 88C for each core, that's defi pushing the thermal limit of this proc. But if I have a steady stream of 18C air flowing directly into the case . . . :D

    as to the vid, honestly, I think the head was staged - they had the capabilities at the time to accomplish that through special effects (dogs head through a backdrop, etc), and a heavily sedated dog would react that way - but there's a lot of paperwork and articles that references that scientist's work, which kinda points to it being more legit. If nothing else, things were at the least exaggerated. Although, as much as this kind of research wouldn't be tolerated today, I'm sure it played a major role in the development of machines that have allowed us to be able to perform heart transplants and surgeries, as well as other organ and limb transplants.

    anyhow, if you're looking for more clips of similar studies and experiments: http://www.tvdata.ru/catalog.php?dir=11&did=365&lang=eng (esp check video number 005, he grafted a second head onto a dog)
    All joking aside though, I love her with all my heart. But just like everyone else ....

    as to the vid - search the term "experiments in the revival of organisms" on toutube or google or otherwise. Public domain vid, it'll be everywhere.

    As to hittin 4GHz, this last weekend I was house sitting for some friends, and they have a kick-ass AC system in their house, and the AC vents are in the floor. I had my rig over there for some gaming (Stacker case is open underneath and has great airflow - I had the case positioned within a couple feet of a floor vent), had their thermostats set at 21C, and after 4 hours of playing Crysis, my GPUs had maxed out at 88C (for comparison, at home here, after 1 hour they max temp at 98C) - the CPU at 3.6GHz idled in the low 30s and under load was only about 45C (compared to 45 idle / 58 load here) . . . these friends might need me again this upcoming weekend to keep an eye on the house again.

    If so, I intend to take my rig with me, and I'm thinking if I placed my rig directly over a floor vent, and set the thermostats to 18C, I can keep the whole rig cool enough to hit 4G and slam some kickass benchies - if I had liquid cooling already, it'd be even better . . . hell, I might even whip my two 1950 PROs out and snag the highest Crossfire 1950 score in the 3m06 thread!

    Outta be fun :D
    LMAO, the funny part is. my neighbor is smokin' hot bro! Wish she would be a more friendlier neighbor muahaha .....

    Also my post is truly a jerk, I have my brother sending his mail to our address because he currently has been hotel hopping. Man, he is such an ass, we have to sign for his mail.
    hahah n00b!!! I am doin aight. Still waitin' on the post to bring me my shit! Probly will come tomorrow.
    i think i saw it on video/TV before not on the net, i also find it interesting. if you really think of it it's kinda cool! would you happen to have a link to it?
    did you see the 20min experiment vid? It's public domain, now, so you can find it all over the web. I find it intriguing, although most would find it disturbing.
    Hey man. Getting a new part in a few days from nflesher. HIS HD3870 512MB DDR4 Turbo. I hope I enjoy it. You think it will be overjoy for my 1440x900 19" LCD?
    i didn't get home 'till 5:30 :D i was at a going away party last night...

    i think i'm still gone! :laugh:
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