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Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by CrackerJack, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. astrix_au


    Jul 16, 2014
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    Sydney, Australia
    The winnoot98 has drivers for keyboard I believe from memory.

    Try once Moar's method and use the code I provided.

    atiflash -p 0 H3.rom

    It says if your original rom was H5 you can only use the 1-10 series such as H8 or H3 and not H50. If your bios was H55 you could use H51. It says that in red on the page you linked.
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  2. Gamer48

    Oct 12, 2014
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    They do, just that for some reason, I guess they weren't loaded when using the CD boot method or maybe because Nero uses a different DOS system?
    It's F, not H. Well my backed up BIOS was F3 not F1 so I guess I can use it? So that's why I downloaded the F5 instead of the F51 but afterwards I realized they showed different mem clock speed 4500 vs. 1125 and was thinking - oh crap did I use the wrong one? Is that why my card's now bricked?! Because before I did all that I had GPUZ check the stats before and showed mem clock speed 1125MHz. That's why.

    Anyways, I managed to successfully, yes successfully, un-brick my HD 7750 using Moar's *new* method! After doing some more research on the net, I came across this thread:

    There was also another method, a more of a *last resort* method mentioned somewhere on page 4 or so but luckily that was not needed. You guys can look into it if said method in first guide doesn't work.

    So these are the steps I did to make it work again, in this case I am attempting to re-flash it with the original BIOS from the actual card I, luckily, backed up:

    - Do Moar's method of creating a bootable USB drive, and copy over the necessary files for the flashing process
    - Grab a PCI graphics card, yes a PCI graphics card - luckily I have two lying around in the house, but only one was still working for me, the other one I guess is either dead or not compatible with the motherboard (It was some no name brand I don't even know if it's nVidia branded or ATi/AMD branded - hell it works, so I'm happy:)!)
    - Insert card onto board, with power off and power cable unplugged obviously - try to insert the card into the first PCI slot if possible like so in the image below as it is right next to my HD7750, otherwise it won't boot from your PCI card and you'll just see nothing:
    - Go into BIOS and under the video configuration change either Auto to PCI or PEG to PCI graphics card as primary video output
    - Make sure BIOS is set to boot from your USB boot drive or FDD if you're using that method
    - Save changes, reboot and then power off
    - Insert HD 7750 into PCIe slot
    - Switch power on and boot from either the USB boot drive or FDD
    - When fully loaded type in "ati4 -i" without the quotes to find out which number your HD7750 is and some other details
    - Then type in "ati4 -p 0 f3.f3" without quotes and flashing should take place
    - After that is done, it request to successfully complete vBIOS flash is to reboot as seen in the image below:

    - Rebooting done and your HD 7750 should now be un-bricked!

    Of course I wanted to give it shot anyways and tried to flash to F5.F5 BIOS from the original Gigabyte website but it says P/N mismatch or something like that as seen in image below:
    I guess the BIOS I downloaded from their website isn't compatible?

    Oh well it works now that's all and I'm glad! Phew after almost a days work just trying to figure this out!

    As a side note and a bit of info, I thought I might add these in below.

    According to the post over here: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/t...atiflash-error-0fl01-adapter-no-found.180258/
    See Law-II confirmed it too.

    Actually, correction there - my F3 extension worked so it's not entirely restricted to .bin and .rom files exclusively and even was mentioned in the video astrix_au pointed out.

    According to this guy over there: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/t...r-not-found-error-0fl01-x1950-agp-used.45784/ (which is where this quote was pulled out from) , onboard video *may* disable any externel graphics cards. So this is probably why I'm getting the error "Adaptor not found" and hence cannot continue.

    *edit* I can confirm in my situation that when using IGP/onboard video, it disables PCI and PCIe access but when I use PCI as my primary, I can do "ati4 -i" without quotes and it would list the adapter's details. Just tested it with my other computer that had onboard video with both PCI and PCIe slots available.

    Oh well, I switched from the spare PC I was using this on, to the PC of origin that this HD7750 came out of after I discovered that you can use an external PCI graphics card. And that fixed it for me.
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    Law-II says thanks.
  3. EdKode New Member

    Dec 7, 2014
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    I did a USB stick and can't boot up from it with the bricked card inserted. The stick lights are just turning off, but it works using IGP. So I decided to try your CD method. I did everything you showed, but I can't find the atiflash and BIOS files when I boot from it. The files are written on the CD tho: http://i.imgur.com/CHNIjxF.png

    So why are these happening? :banghead:
  4. Law-II


    May 9, 2011
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    Mainland Britain

    Files are in wrong folder;
    Wrong Folder.jpg
    These files should be in the ROOT of the bootable CD media


  5. EdKode New Member

    Dec 7, 2014
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    The files are in root. That 'New' is just the name of the CD, not a folder. I noticed that I get an error 'MSCD001 driver not found' and I found people on other forums that had the same issue which can cause that the files on the CD to can't be found. Does anyone know any fix for this?
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    YURBAN New Member

    Aug 27, 2012
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    Russia, Kaliningrad
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  7. dasloewi

    Oct 7, 2006
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    Hi to all,
    Iknow that this thread is rather old, but maybe someone can help me though!

    I tried to upgrade my saphire radeon hd7950 but I didn't succeed.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]MarkeSapphire

    Here is what I did:

    I made a bootable USB Stick with the software from the op.
    Copied atiflash v 4.17 onto it and also
    Booting this USB-DOS and flashing with

    atiflash -p 0 Sap....rom

    gave me this error

    old SSID=E207
    new SSID=3000
    SSID mismatched

    So, what went wrong?
    Wrong bios?

    Can someone help me, please

    10 Year Member at TPU

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