Amd 5000 BE 2008 update

January 29th 2008
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Key Features:
AMD CPU NVIDIA Graphics Custom Paint Job
System Specs:
  • amd 5000 BE 3.416Ghz 244x14
  • 2x1gig corsair xms 4,4,4,12 2t 976Mhz
  • evga 590 am2 motherboard
  • evga 8800gts 320 620/1750/2000
  • Thermalright ultra120 extreme w/panaflo 104cfm fan
  • 3x120mm antec blue led fans
  • 2x200gig wd sata1 hdd in raid zero
Performed Mods:
panted inside of case black, added foam siding and case floor covering to give it a two tone look. removed hdd bays and mounted only fan enclosures to open up space inside case. added blue cathode for lighting. also added L.i.s. 2 lcd screen and fan controller.
This is the same pc from my 2007 mod but i got bashed for the beige drive bays and unkempt innards. so i changed some things around and added a few things. just in case your wondering and haven't seen to many ultra120's, it's as big as it looks. does the job though, i idle around 34-37 and load about 44-50 depending on the temps, during an orthos stress i never touch about 52-54. I'm going to upgrade the video card soon not sure what i'm gonna get but i am open to suggestions, so let me know what you think when you vote, and as always IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO COMMENT... DON'T VOTE!!!! thanx for all your help it is you here at tpu who made this possible*** hint hint*** my g/f asked you guys before christmas about what chip to get me and you told her to get the 5000 and she did and i'm still exited a month later lol!!!!
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16 Comments on Amd 5000 BE 2008 update

2 votes and no comments, when we gonna make a comment mandatory??
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That cooler is a beast!!!
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Semi-Retired Folder
Very nice setup. Those ultra-120s are huge, I know I own 3. :) A damn fine looking computer. I don't like the black fan on the Ultra-120, replace it with a blue LED fan and you have a 10 in my book.
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Awesome overclock on that chip. Here's to hoping mine will do the same at those temps.

Get a better pic on the inside of that case. Cable managment o.o...
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I have your motherboard. People have been giving me grief about how "lame" is it, but let me tell overclocks like a beast.

EVGA recently discontinued it which sucks!
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That is an Incredible looking 900. 9/10
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7/10, but only because there arent really any good pics of the inside where you can see all of it from a straight angle.

Why do you have your CPU fan sucking hot air from the top of your video card and not inline to get cooler air from your front fans?
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A good build, some nice photography and bad photography in the mix. 8/10

One issue, why do most antec 900 users try to avoid the traditional 5'25 Optical drive area in photos? Its like as if there is something to hide :p

A good implementation of blue black and silver :)
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true on the optical drives that's because you really can't see anything, it's just 2 sata caples and the flat back of the drive?? basically all there is to see an maybe the fan??(top fan) as for the ultra120's direction, not to sound mean but you obviously haven't read one review on it because it uses a solid steel mounting bracket that goes to the four corners of the original am2 mounting bracket, you remove the bracket and replace it with the thermalright one and add 4 spring pressure screws and it's there, hence why it gets to suck air off the video card, not like 28idle and 35 full load is anything worse then some decent water cooling setups. think first vote later
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That is a tough case to work with (cable management is tough)

You did an exellent job!

I ended up getting rid of that case because of the limited areas to hide cables.

I voted 9/10
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thank you for the comment and vote pcgolfer, i appreciate it
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some sys

what a
hey guys chack out my new sys mod....
really dude its pretty tight..

x-navagator 500 psu
tfrich said:
what a
hey guys chack out my new sys mod....
really dude its pretty tight..

x-navagator 500 psu
excuse me??
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nice pc u got there..
my 5000 BE at 3.2ghz seem to be stable i test with amd overdrive
i put my cpu multi at 16x..
n my fsb at 200mhz..
can u give me more info how u overclock ur 5000+ BE?
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