Teh Ghetto Mod

January 6th 2006
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Key Features:
Intel CPU
System Specs:
  • um crap really celly 2.7@3.24 viper II video card 2x8gb hdds not much else
Performed Mods:
added 2nd hdd rackm paint, stuffed as much in a old lil case
current use - aim/storage
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5 Comments on Teh Ghetto Mod

this would be my old comp. i had to upgrade when i got 1.6 and was getting 34fps... im gonna upload my current rig in a lil bit.
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Your case looks very nice. I really like the white paint ,it makes it look clean man
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I actually like it because of the wire management too.
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Jul 6th, 2022 20:56 EDT change timezone

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