AnnCore's Love Machine

August 28th 2005
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • ABIT NF7-S ver 2.0 nForce 2, AMD Athlon xp 2400+ 1.70v @ 2104.8 MHz, 2x 512 MB Kingston HyperX with FSB @ 200.4 MHz (400.9 MHz Dual-channel), ATI X850XT @ 520/540 MHz, 2x 160 GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 in Raid 0, 480W Thermaltake Xaser Silent Purepower, Thermaltake Xaser V case.
Performed Mods:
The CAPE watercooling installation includes a KC42-X2 Pro Copper block on the cpu, a NB 42-X2 on the chipset, and a GP 42-X2 Copper Radeon on the gpu. The X850XT has ZALMAN RAM aluminum heatsinks. A volt modded Swiftech MCP650 pumps approximately 600 LHP through a 8mm loop. The Evo 1800 (with only 2 volt modded fans) allows the cpu to idle @ 38°C and the gpu @ 35°C. An Alphacool AGB4 Plexi 200 serves as a reservoir. A silentmaxx HD-silencer keeps one of my HD's cool and quiet (haven't bought the second yet).
Need some Logisys 120mm UV Dual CCFL Ring Fans to effectively cool my system. I'll wait once I get an AMD 64bit system up and running. Could use a better case. Had to gut it. Way too many fans and way too much wiring before I went with watercooling. A quieter PSU is also on my Christmas wish list - an ElanVital Greenerger EVP-5007 maybe?
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4 Comments on AnnCore's Love Machine

Doesn't your pump have a hard time getting through that car-sized radiator?! :D The two small fans on it looks hilarious! Good job man! Nice system.
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Holy shit with the rad, its huge...I like it :D Ya the fans look like a joke lol. Sweet rig.

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That radiator is crazy, also looks better how you took out that purple fan mount thing from the inside.
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I still do pencil mods
Kewl ... Anncore ... like the WBs .... nice water setup ... your right a bigger case would be better ... and the Rad is.. well RAD ... maybe a small room fan to blow across it would work? I wouldn't think you'd need much if you have a nice ambient room temp ... good job though
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