Naturalys by Watermod

February 19th 2017
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Incredible (9.0)
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics NVIDIA SLI Scratch Build Water-cooled
The goal was to make a clean build with some good materials and a classy look :)
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12 Comments on Naturalys by Watermod

I gave you a 9. I really like the mod overall except the huge block covering the cpu and ram. Keep up the good work.
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Fantastic, funky, the most beautiful of all
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magnifique!! tres beau travail!
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Can I commission you to do some pipework on my machine that I am finishing up ? where are you located brother ?
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nagash said:
magnifique!! tres beau travail!
De quel endroit es tu le français?
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I dig it as it is not exhausting to look at. And... reminds me of a liquor cabinet :) All good things :) ^5 on bringing back wood-grain!
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micropage7 said:
damn, looks classic and timeless
Could not agree more it's timeless It would look great in a modern home or a antique fair Awesome build
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