Casemod titanfall ( brasil)

February 21st 2017
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU VIA CPU NVIDIA Graphics Scratch Build Custom Paint Job Water-cooled Exotic-cooled
System Specs:
  • Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X99-SOC Force
  • Core i7 processor 5820k
  • 64gb ddr4 2133 Klevv 4 led white 4 led red
  • Gtx 980 reference EVGA SC Superclocked
  • Sdd adata XPG SX930 240gb
  • 11 fans Riing 12 RGB thermaltake with 4 controllers.
  • Multita FAN Controller Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB LCD
  • Kit cables extensoresores Monkey custom
  • Cooling system custom Water cooler
Performed Mods:
All the modifications and constructions were done by myself. All done manually. With little resources of machinery and tools. It took 8 months to finish the work, for the big technology event in Brazil, (Campus Party Brasil 10).
I 'm Douglas Alves. 37 years. Moro Pais Brazil, São paulo. Casemod created on the topic of TITANFALL Using the theme colors (Orange, White and Black) I used feature of the theme lines in all the details of the cuts. Completely modifying the enclosure structure by turning the motherboard up and giving a modified of the patterns that the staff makes in leaving the cables to sample on top. Cover of the dedicated source on show the beauty of PSU source. etc. The passage of the fluid inside the acrylic, was good for the first piece I did and manually. My inspiration comes from the great Modders known to the world. I do Modding for 5 years, I'm new to the Modding area, I'm learning more and more, I've done 5 Casemod,( Razors Rog = 2012 ) (Resident Evil = 2013) (Thor = 2014) (TitanFall = 2016) ( Chaves = 2016). I started mounting the water cooler and one day I decided to venture out and I'm doing it until today. My inspiration comes from the great Modders known to the world. Modding is my passion and hobby. Casemod is like art, I think as an artist does a painting, tattoos, graffiti, etc., everything expresses itself in some way. This is my way of expressing myself. Doing what I like, doing a Modding, is putting feelings, freedom, love and humility to create a Modding. I am learning and sharing, always creating new friendships. I do not have the financial means to have good tools and machines so I can make a good Casemod, but I do my best to build everything manually. I will fight to grow to have good condition for one day, I have a cutting machine ..
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6 Comments on Casemod titanfall ( brasil)

Very tidy system, great job :)
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Joey Andrade
Parabéns cara... É o casemod mais insano que eu ja vi. Incrível!
Congratulations, i think this is the best Casemod. amazing! (sorry my bad english)
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Amazing build. What tt case did you used?
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