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Origin Expands Games Catalog, DRM-Free Evangelist Joins DRM Scheme

Origin is the fledgling online download account-based DRM service from Electronic Arts launched last June, that is home to Battlefield 3. To compete effectively against other similar services, the industry-leading Steam in particular, it must offer more content. To this end, Origin has added 11 publishers to its portfolio, reports CVG. These are Trion Worlds, Robot Entertainment, Freebird Games, Recoil Games, Autumn Games, 1C Company, inXile entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Core Learning Ltd, N3V Games and CD Projekt RED. That last one is interesting, because CD Projekt RED owns and runs, the website dedicated to selling DRM-free games.

Sony BMG to Drop DRM

Sony BMG has become the last of the 'big four' record labels to drop Digital Rights Management - on part of its music collection at least. Specific details have not yet been released, so this could potentially apply to all of the songs that Sony offers for download. Digital Rights Management is the technology that limits users to playing songs only on certain computers and devices, and has been the subject of fierce opposition over recent months. Warner, EMI and Universal have all made plans for DRM-free downloads, and Sony is set to launch its DRM-free downloads in the first quarter of this year.

More Music Labels Considering Selling DRM-Free Music

EMI started the anti-DRM movement by being the first major record label to sell their music without DRMs. Fortunately, Universal Studios caught on quick, and now offers the majority of their library sans DRMs to select retailers. And thanks to a recent promotion of the Amazon DRM-free music selling service, and a new partnership of said music service with Pepsi, more record labels are planning to sell DRM-free music. Warner Music Group, who owns material from famous artists such as Black Sabbath, is planning to put their music on Amazon. Sony BMG is also planning to place their material on Amazon. The main reason behind this sudden adoption of DRM-free material is the recent success behind DRM-free music. A symbol of this success is Universal making 85% of their music available as an unprotected MP3 file. Universal is all but confirmed as staying in the DRM-free MP3 market, pending final results of the market trial due in mid-January.

Amazon Launches DRM-Free iTunes Rival is setting its sites on iTunes with the release of its new Amazon MP3 DRM-free music download service. The new service kicks off with more than two million 256kbps MP3 files from more than 180,000 artists from more than 20,000 labels. Amazon claims that many of the songs are cheaper than iTunes, with more than a million tracks cost from 89 cents to 99 cents. You can now download tracks directly from Amazon's site, but if you wish to purchase an entire album, you'll be required to use the Amazon MP3 Downloader available for Windows XP/Vista or Mac OS.

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