Monday, December 17th 2018

Discord Store Offers 90% Revenue Share to Developers, Potentially to Counter Epic Games Threat

The launch of the new Epic Games store for the PC has created many an aftershock in the gaming industry, including Steam updating their revenue share model, but the games press and media alike were quick to discuss implications more so for the equally new Discord store that understandably is more in line as far as breaking into the market goes, and impact from competition accordingly. In a series of moves that no doubt pleases game developers and publishers alike, Discord announced that they are going to offer a 90/10 revenue distribution with 90% in favor of developers- an increase over the industry leading "up to 88%" from Epic Games until then.

There is a small catch in that Discord is allowing developers to self-publish the games if they so desire, which in turn is how they will get that 90% revenue share, so it remains to be seen how user friendly that process is. Discord in their blog post made a big point about how it does not cost 30% to distribute games in 2018, a move that will no doubt be examined throughout not only the gaming industry but every single online app distribution platform where a 70/30 split is the current industry standard. As long as this move enables the store to break even and churn out a profit, we would like to see more of this happening to where game developers get more money and do not feel compelled to work ridiculously long hours.
Source: Discord blog
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4 Comments on Discord Store Offers 90% Revenue Share to Developers, Potentially to Counter Epic Games Threat

Discord is sewing discord among competitors.
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"I go fast!1!11!1!"
It's what they do best.

Seriously, I'm warming up to the idea of trying to buy exclusively from Discord. Developers get the largest share and Discord doesn't have a horse in the race other than the gamers and developers (whom heavily use their platform) themselves. In my book, that appropriately aligns their priorities.

The only problem is I can't see many publishers publishing their games to Discord.
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Yay, I guess? I'm all for more competition in the PC marketplace. Show us what you got!
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Its taking off, proper Steam competition. With GoG and others, its maturing fast now.
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