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Toshiba Satellite U920T Convertible Ultrabook Launched

Toshiba UK today announces the launch of the Satellite U920T – a new hybrid device combining the ease-of-use, wake up time and performance of an Ultrabook with a tablet’s touchscreen interface and portability. The 31.8cm (12.5”) touchscreen transforms easily from laptop mode to a tablet with a simple sliding motion that reveals a full size keyboard.

The Satellite U920T is perfect for users looking for a versatile computer in an extremely compact form. Offering the best of both worlds for both content consumption and creation, the convertible Ultrabook can be operated in tablet mode, or in a more traditional laptop position when required, such as writing lengthy emails or for web chats.

Thecus Announces First Innovative NAS Management Tablet

Thecus is proud to present the first tablet in its lineup, ThecusPAD. With an innovative design, hardware and software, users are offered a powerful tablet that not only can browse the web, access media files and access GPS functions but can also install modules that allows Thecus NAS users to manage their NAS conveniently from their ThecusPAD.

Some key features of the stunning ThecusPAD includes a 7” HD display, which is great for watching HD videos and viewing high resolution photos. To add, capacitive touch screen adds a great feel when using the ThecusPAD. Stereo speakers illuminate a clear and crisp sound while playing music from ThecusPAD. Equipped with a micro-HDMI port and Thecus Utility, streaming seamless data from your NAS to your TV does not even require an adapter anymore.

Panasonic Announces Toughbook CF-H2 Tablet for the Healthcare Sector

Panasonic today launched the Toughbook CF-H2, its second generation, fully rugged tablet PC designed specifically for health workers. Setting new standards in ease of use, connectivity and productivity, the CF-H2 is a lightweight, water-resistant, shock and drop-tolerant and easily disinfected tablet device that meets the highest demands for mobility and networking within clinical environments. It allows doctors and nursing staff to benefit from instant access to medical records at the point of care, accurate documentation on patient conditions and medication, and enables greater efficiency of clinical processes.

With the latest Intel Core i5-2557M (1.7GHz) Ultra Low Voltage processor with vPro and the Intel HD 3000 graphics for enhanced multimedia capabilities, the Toughbook CF-H2 performance has been improved more than 400% over its CF-H1 predecessor. The CF-H2 is ideal for power hungry healthcare applications such as Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and Patient Administration Systems (PAS). RAM has also been raised to 2 gigabyte as standard, with up to 6 gigabyte optional, and it comes with a 160 gigabyte hard disk drive as standard with 128 gigabyte SSD as an option.

Panasonic Toughbook To Address Market Void By Delivering Enterprise-Grade Android Tab

Panasonic Toughbook today announced its plans to deliver an enterprise-grade Android tablet to the market. The new Toughbook tablet will address a gap in the market for a rugged enterprise tablet designed with security, functionality and real-world reliability in mind. By delivering this purpose-built business solution, the new Toughbook tablet will appeal to a wide variety of users, including mission critical government personnel, highly mobile field forces, SMB’s looking for a competitive edge, security conscious IT managers and bottom-line focused CFOs.

From a functionality standpoint, the Toughbook tablet will avoid the typical glossy screens—found on current tablet offerings—that are all but unreadable in outdoor environments. The Toughbook tablet will include a high brightness, daylight viewable screen so that mobile workers, in markets like field service, home healthcare and public safety, can easily see critical data and operate the device regardless of lighting conditions. The new tablet will also include an active stylus, allowing mobile workers in sales, customer service and mobile point-of-sale environments to capture signatures on the device’s 10.1” XGA multi-touch display.

Sony Announces PlayStation Vita, Revolutionary Portable Entertainment Device

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) announced PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) (PCH-1000 series) as the official platform name for the next generation portable entertainment system at E3 2011. With an RRP of €249 for the Wireless model and €299 for the Wireless/3G version, PS Vita will launch in the global market starting at the end of 2011.

"Vita", which means "Life" in Latin, was chosen as the most appropriate name for the next generation portable entertainment system as it enables a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context as SCE aims to transform every aspect of a user's daily life into an entertainment experience and an opportunity to play.

Panasonic Unveils the Toughbook U1 Ultra Portable PC

Panasonic Solutions Company, provider of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, today announced the newest member of its Toughbook U1 ultra-mobile PC product family, the Toughbook U1 Ultra. All Toughbook U1 products combine the portability of a handheld computer, the benefits of a full Windows OS, the durability needed for enterprise applications and a suite of available integrated features. The new Toughbook U1 Ultra is equipped with a TransflectivePlus display for up to 6000 nit viewability in direct sunlight, 64GB solid state hard drive, 2GB of memory, an Intel Atom Processor (Z530 1.6Ghz) and Windows 7. The device is ideal for highly mobile jobs such as direct store delivery (DSD), eCitation and vegetation management in markets like supply chain management, public safety and utilities.

ViewSonic presents new 3D Lifestyle, Digital Media and Tablet products at IFA 2010

ViewSonic Europe will be previewing its new range of 3D devices and digital media players at IFA 2010, Hall 14 Stand 107. The new range of products includes an affordable 3D camcorder, portable 3D TV and 7" tablet PC. ViewSonic will also be demonstrating new products to its existing ranges of LED display technology, media streamers and eBook readers.

New product additions to ViewSonic's continued strategy of 3D innovation will be shown at IFA 2010. The range includes a lightweight handheld 3D digital camcorder capable of recording at 720p, with an integrated 3D preview display and an SRP of around £199. ViewSonic will also be demonstrating its handheld 3D TV, that will allow anyone to watch 3D content on the go. Other additions that will feature at the show will be a 3D digital camera and a 3D digital photo frame.

Dell Makes Inspiron Mini 10 Even Better with New Design and Long Battery Life

Dell’s hot-selling Inspiron Mini 10 netbook is getting better with a fresh new look and longer battery life to go along with technology enhancements and easy connectivity capabilities that make it a fashionable and functional must-have for on-the-go people. Updates to the Mini 10 include optional high definition entertainment bundles that deliver rich, smooth playback of streaming HD video in addition to Web surfing, email, listening to music and sharing user-generated content in real time. Dell expects the redesigned Inspiron Mini 10 to be available the first part of January 2010.

The new design with 10.1-inch display includes a textured, smudge-resistant palm rest, sculpted keys and, for the Inspiron Mini 10 mobility bundle, extended-life battery offering up to 9.5 hours of operation. The Mini 10 can be personalized with a broad range of optional colors or hundreds of optional custom artwork designs available in the Dell Design Studio.

Varlink Announces New Yuma Rugged Tablet Computer From Trimble

Varlink, the York based mobile computing and data capture specialist distributor, is delighted to introduce the Trimble Yuma rugged tablet computer, an extremely rugged IP67 device that brings full office capabilities to the field in an all-in-one mobile package with its Microsoft Windows environment and wireless capabilities. The Yuma is designed to operate in any outdoor environment – no matter how extreme.

The Yuma’s rugged tablet package features Microsoft Windows Vista Business, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and two geotag enabled cameras. The Yuma also features a 7” sunlight-readable WSVGA touch screen display.

VIA Announces New In-Vehicle Platform for Driving Next-Generation Car PCs

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today released the VIA IVP-7500 board, the first in a series of dedicated x86 in-vehicle platforms for developers of car PCs and intelligent transportation devices.

The continued evolution of the PC as a multimedia playback device for audio and video entertainment means that car owners are now demanding access to their digital media library whilst on the road. In-vehicle PCs offers access to intelligent global satellite positioning services for accurate location tracking, route planning and navigation.

Ericsson Collaborates with Intel to Bring Theft Protection to Notebooks

Ericsson announced today that it is collaborating with Intel to ensure that Ericsson's Mobile Broadband Modules are interoperable with Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection Technology for notebooks to offer a secure and reliable anti-theft solution for mobile broadband users. The collaboration addresses solutions to minimize the negative consequences when notebooks are lost or stolen, and in conjunction independent encryption software when sensitive data is lost while on-the-go and to prevent unwanted data intrusion.

Fujitsu U2010 Atom-based UMPC Announced

Fujitsu has announced an Intel Atom-based UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC), not to be confused with ULPC. This ultra-portable will focus on the high-end market with a US $1000 to $1200 price tag. It has a 5.6-inch LCD screen, 3.5G data connectivity and GPS and tips the scales at 610g. Specifications can be summarized as:
  • Intel Centrino Atom Z530
  • SCH US15W (Poulsbo) Chipset
  • Touch Screen, 5.6 inches diagonally, 1280 x 800 pixels (WXGA)
  • 1 GB DDR2 533 MHz memory
  • 60 GB conventional HDD
  • Wireless interfaces - Wi-Fi 8021.11n and Bluetooth
  • Other - fingerprinting sensor, web-camera, kartovod SD format and CF
  • 20wh 2-cell battery
This notebook will be available in three colour models: U2010BU (Ocean Black), U2010GU (Pink Gold), U2010RU (Fuchsia Red).

Sources: UMPC Portal, iXBT, DigiTimes

Sony Unveils Device to Track Yourself

Sometimes, photographs are taken with absolutely no recollection of exactly where they happened. Thankfully, Sony realized this common problem, and decided to do something about it. Using a process that Sony calls "GPS Tagging", the little device phones home once every 15 minutes, allowing you to effectively track yourself. You can also hook it up to your compatible Sony camera/camcorder to embed your location/the time into your pictures and videos. With 31MB of memory, it can store your trail for up to one month before needing to be emptied. It runs off of your ordinary AA batteries, which Sony claims gives it ten hours of life between charges. It should become available next month for roughly $150USD.

Source: Reg Hardware
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