Thursday, March 19th 2009

VIA Announces New In-Vehicle Platform for Driving Next-Generation Car PCs

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today released the VIA IVP-7500 board, the first in a series of dedicated x86 in-vehicle platforms for developers of car PCs and intelligent transportation devices.

The continued evolution of the PC as a multimedia playback device for audio and video entertainment means that car owners are now demanding access to their digital media library whilst on the road. In-vehicle PCs offers access to intelligent global satellite positioning services for accurate location tracking, route planning and navigation.
Today's cutting-edge consumer can employ in-car mounted cameras for video assisted parking and highway surveillance recording, while commercial customers can have access to license plate recognition, fleet management, digital tachograph, odometer and security applications.

Designed from the ground up for the rigours of in-vehicle computing, the VIA IVP-7500 is a versatile, scalable and highly power-efficient processor platform with strong multimedia performance. Customers have the option of fanless designs implementations for industrial and grade stability. The flexible VIA IVP-7500 measures 114mm x 185.5mm and can be employed in a variety of dashboard implementations, including one or two DIN designs as well as discrete, in-seat and headrest designs.

"Intelligent transportation devices are making the transition from an enthusiast to mainstream audience," said Daniel Wu, Vice President, VIA Embedded, VIA Technologies, Inc. "The VIA IVP-7500 carries our expertise in developing stable, compact, energy-efficient systems to this high-growth sector, bringing with it faster product development cycles and the flexibility to offer consumers more than just a car PC."

About the VIA IVP-7500 Board
The VIA IVP-7500 is powered by a fanless 1.0GHz VIA Eden processor and supports up to 1GB of DDR2 system memory. A range of display technologies are supported including an LCD (TTL) panel interface, TV-out and VGA outputs and camera ports including A/V (via mini-USB) and V-CAM for monitoring applications.

Storage includes IDE 1.8" hard drive support with FFC cable and SD card support. HD audio is provided with optional SPK (R+L) and Mic-in connectors.

Communications technologies include a GPS module with IPEX antenna, an FM stereo transmitter and Bluetooth. Two USB 2.0 ports plus a COM port are included as well as an infra red adapter for hands-free applications.
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10 Comments on VIA Announces New In-Vehicle Platform for Driving Next-Generation Car PCs

nice, while driving to the lan venue you could scan\defrag your hdd:D
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What happens if you get a BSOD? Do you get more Horse power if you Overclock it? How about an aftermarket cooling solution?
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horse power?? dude, the computer and the engine are two different things!! but that made me laugh:laugh:
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What! No 1080p ?!?!?! /sarcasm
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If 1080p is an issue, why can't they just add a PCI-E slot just to make people feel better?:confused:
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PCpraiser100 said:
If 1080p is an issue, why can't they just add a PCI-E slot just to make people feel better?:confused:
or you can get an e-atx or a server board for the trunk of your car :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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it has usb and stuff. kool
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How about one of these inside your monitor...make your own Mac :D
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Classy, except no wifi. My current setup probably cost me 10fold of this current mb and does half the shit. Then again im 6 years behind for an update invehicle.

For the person with the HD tv on his roof concerned with 1080p, they have USB gfx cards, which cancels out the need for a pci-e slot.
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i wish my new car not infected with a virus maybe this virus make my car only move backward
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