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EpicGear launches Morpha X RGB Fully Modular Gaming Mouse

EpicGear, the leading brand in professional gaming peripherals, today announced the latest innovation the MORPHA X RGB Fully Modular Gaming Mouse. Designed and based on feedback from the gaming enthusiast and community, MORPHA X RGB Fully Modular Gaming Mouse implements MSC (Modular-Sensor-Cartridge) for easy switching laser and optical sensor, as well as MSS (Modular-Switch-Structure) which enables the swapping of switches with different click resistance. MORPHA X, the flagship RGB modular gaming mouse redefines modular gaming mouse and further expands EpicGear's range of gaming peripherals.

Designed with MSC (Modular-Sensor-Cartridge), MORPHA X allows easy switching between optical and laser sensors. Using the included Modular Senor Cartridges, the MORPHA X equipped with an 8,200 DPI laser sensor and the latest 12,000 DPI IR LED sensor for improved accuracy and precision targeting, gamers can choose the sensor which is right for their game and handle any situation.

GeIL Launches its EVO-X Series DDR4 Memory with RGB LED Lighting

GeIL launched its flagship EVO-X line of high-performance DDR4 memory modules featuring RGB LED lighting, which it unveiled at the 2017 International CES, earlier this year. The modules feature a diffused RGB LED lighting element that takes input from most RGB LED standards over 4-pin headers, such as ASUS Aura Sync, ASRock Aura RGB, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion. The modules feature two inputs, one on either side. One plugs into a 4-pin RGB LED header, and the other draws additional power from a 9V/12V power source, such as a fan header.

Internally, the LED lighting element is placed on a separate PCB from the actual DRAM module, so there's no scope for electrical interference that can destabilize the memory. The modules come in 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB densities, and in a wide range of speeds and timing combinations, including DDR4-2133, DDR4-2400, DDR4-3000, DDR4-3466, DDR4-4000, and DDR4-4133. The modules further come in single-module and dual-channel kits; and with two heatspreader color options - glossy white and matte black. The company didn't reveal pricing.

GeIL Shows Off its EVO-X DDR4 Memory with Remote Controlled RGB Lighting

GeIL showed off its EVO-X series of high-end DDR4 memory, featuring RGB multi-colored LED lighting elements, lining the top of the modules. These DIMMs plug into a control module (included), which takes inputs from an RF remote control, that lets you set color and lighting pattern for each of the DIMMs. The EVO-X series will come in densities of 8 GB and 16 GB, in white and black heatspreader colors, in various DDR4 frequencies, and in dual- and quad-channel kits, making up for dozens of SKUs.

EpicGear Announces the Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse

At CES 2017, EpicGear, a sub-brand of GeIL, has announced their new Morpha X Modular gaming mouse, a natural evolution of their previously released MorphA gaming mouse. This is an interesting one, at least when it comes to its modularity: you can swap between two provided sensors through its EG MSC technology (an 8,000 DPI laser sensor or a 12,000 DPI optical one) as you see fit and as the situation requires, as well as being able to change the actuation force on the trigger switches through the mouse's EG MSS technology and the two (orange [medium] and purple [pro, heavy]) provided pairs of actuators.

GeIl EVO X DDR4 RAM Kits With RGB Lighting Now Available

Remember GeIl? I certainly do - mainly on account of a fleeting passion for the company's line of Black Dragon DDR3 memory. That same company has now announced availability of their EVO X DDR4 memory kits. That they took some time in the oven is an understatement, considering these kits were first announced back in May. The company now believes they are ready for prime time.

As expected, and as the name suggests, GeIl's EVO X features customizable RGB lighting on account of the company's Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module Technology, which means that LEDs, microprocessor, circuits, switch and dual-power-source are all fitted in one modular solution, which separates the entire lighting circuitry from the memory module, thus ensuring its stability.

GeIL Also Shows Off the DDR4 Dragon RAM

This is one of the rare exhibits that stands out due to its minimalism, the GeIL Dragon RAM. Ideal for builders who want to hassle the HOF (GALAX Hall of Fame), the Dragon RAM features an all-white PCB, with white stickers over the DRAM chips, and a white upper PCB layer peeled off in the shape of a dragon, to expose a slightly lower golden copper layer, and a blue SMT LED near the dragon's eyes making for a subtle touch. The Dragon RAM will be available in speeds of up to DDR4-3400, and densities of up to 16 GB, making up 64 GB quad-channel kits. We expect it to be one of GeIL's more affordable modules.

GeIL EVO X Memory With Split PCB Pictured

Here are some of the first pictures of GeIL EVO-X memory with its HILM (hybrid independent light module) active. GeIL essentially split the module into two PCBs, one being the more expensive, multi-layer DIMM PCB, and the other being a fewer-layered PCB holding the RGB LED lighting, with its independent power input. That's right, EVO-X is one of the first memory modules that don't use DIMM voltage to power lighting. They instead feature a tiny power input on the lighting PCB, which draws power from any vacant USB 2.0 header you may have on your motherboard (and also interfacing with your OS to let you configure the color. The EVO-X is available in reasonably high speeds such as DDR4-3866, and in densities of up to 8 GB per module.

GeIL Announces the EVO Forza DDR4 Memory Series

GeIL, a leading global manufacturer of PC components and peripherals, presents its latest addition to the EVO hardcore gaming memory product family - the DDR4 EVO FORZA Series. Developed with GeIL's MTCD - Maximum Thermal Conduction & Dissipation technology, the FORZA heat-spreader provides superior cooling performance.

Available in Hot-rod Red and Racing Yellow, the EVO FORZA Series is designed to be compatible with the latest Z170 and/or X99 platforms with frequency of up to 3866 MHz. In order to ensure the highest quality and reliability, the EVO FORZA Series are thoroughly tested and burned-in by GeIL's own DYNA4 SLT & DYNA4 DIMM SLT fully- automatic testers.

GeIL Announces the EVO-X Series Memory with HILM Technology

GeIL, a leading global manufacturer of PC components and peripherals, presents the all new DDR4 EVO X Hardcore Gaming Memory with GeIL's latest innovation of HILM - Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module enabling dynamic RGB LED illumination. The EVO X Seires not only excels from the Super Luce Series asthetically, the technological breakthrough in high performance memory illumination transcends even further.

HILM - Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module (Figure A) fuses LEDs, micro processor, circuits, switch and dual-power-source in one modular solution, separating the entire lighting solution and circuitry from the memory module. Thus, allowing high performance DDR4 memory module to perform at its full potential and stability.

EpicGear Announces Thunderouz Gaming Headset

EpicGear, international vendor of high-quality and competitive-oriented gaming peripherals, today introduces their newest addition to the EpicGear headset family: THUNDEROUZ. Powered by 50 mm drivers, the THUNDEROUZ stereo gaming headset delivers both powerful and crystal clear sound, helping gamers to locate enemies on the virtual battlefield.

Its multi-functional in-line controller features volume and microphone controls as well as switching between dedicated gaming and music profiles on-the-fly, while the first-ever used EG-Amplifier enhances the overall sound quality even further. Gamers also have the choice between seven different ambient lighting modes by simply touching the sensor button on the right ear cup. The EpicGear THUNDEROUZ gaming headset will be available in the middle of March for an MSRP of US$79.99 plus tax.

EpicGear Announces the Morpha Gaming Mouse

EpicGear, international vendor of high-quality and competitively-oriented gaming peripherals today presents gamers their new companion for the digital battlefield - the MORPHA gaming mouse. The MORPHA is designed for right-handed claw and palm grip users and equipped with the latest 6,400 dpi IR LED sensor guaranteeing unmatched stability and accuracy during long hours of play sessions.

Relevant settings for success in game competitions like gaming profiles, angle-snapping, button assignment and the report rate can be customized in the extensive software. A weight management system further allows players to install up to four five gram tuning weights for a maximum weight of 130 gram for the perfect individual handling. The EpicGear MORPHA will be available by end of February for an MSRP of US$69.99 plus tax.

EpicGear Announces the SonorouZ X Gaming Headset

EpicGear, international vendor of high-quality and competitive-oriented gaming peripherals, announces the first addition to their top-tier gaming product line-up for 2016 - their gaming headset SonorouZ X. Its advanced virtual 7.1 surround sound via two 50 millimeter drivers delivers impressive in-game acoustics and allows players to experience their games on a new level.

With an excellent frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz they are able to hear their opponents before they can even see them, while the unidirectional microphone, with a frequency response range of 100 Hz to 10 KHz, ensures crystal-clear team communication. The handy, multifunctional in-line controller of the SonorouZ X covers all essential audio and microphone controls, while the equalizer switch provides an instant choice between music and game audio profiles.

GeIL DDR4 Memory Smiles for the Camera

GeIL showed off its first DDR4 memory module, which will serve as a common platform for a number of the company's consumer memory lines. Depending on the DRAM chip density, the module will come in capacities of 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB. The module voltage will stay at 1.2V, and it will come in clock speeds of 1600 MHz (CL 10~12), 1866 MHz (CL 12~14), 2133 MHz (CL 14~16), 2400 MHz (CL 15), 2666 MHz, and 3200 MHz. GeIL will craft out several models based on this common PCB.

GeIL EVO Leggera Line of DDR3 Memory Unveiled

GeIL showed off its EVO Leggera line of compact full-height DDR3 memory modules, which offer high memory frequencies using XMPs, without needing over the top heatspreaders that obstruct CPU coolers. The Leggera is characterized by azure blue heatspreaders, and the underlying DIMM is put through GeIL's own trial-by-fire, the DBT, before being packaged. The EVO Leggera will be sold in two-module dual-channel kits of 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) and 16 GB (2 x 16 GB).

GeIL Shows off ZENITH Line of High-Performance SSDs

GeIL stepped into the modern SSD scene with its ZENITH line of SSDs. The series consists of two models, the performance-focused ZENITH S3, and the value-focused ZENITH A3. Both are built in the 7 mm-thick 2.5-inch form-factor, with SATA 6 Gb/s interface, and both come in capacities of 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB, and 480 GB. Both appear to be powered by Seagate-SandForce controllers, and MLC NAND flash memory. The ZENITH A3 offers sequential transfer rates of up to 540 MB/s reads, with up to 300 MB/s writes; while the ZENITH S3 offers up to 550 MB/s reads, with up to 500 MB/s writes.

GeIL EpicGear Announces DeziMator Gaming Keyboard

EpicGear is proud to announce the launch of EG's new mechanical gaming keyboard - DeziMator. Every line and every angle of DeziMator is specially designed to provide gamers the absolute comfort during long-hour of game play. DeziMator brings mechanical keyboard to the next level.

The DeziMator is designed with both esthetics and functionalities in mind. The purposefully designed geometric of an arch-like base formed between the wrist-rest and the trapezoid rear base, creating a rock-solid, yet balanced chassis. Such setup tilts the keyboard at a 9 degree angle and 13 degrees when the keyboard legs are propped. Together with the cushioned wrist-rest, allowing the wrists to be lay flat without any upward-bending to provide a stress-free posture.

GeIL EVO Potenza Series Official

GeIL officially announced its EVO Potenza series of high-performance memory kits. The lineup includes kits that start at DDR3-1866 MHz, running at moderately tight timings of 9-10-9-28, and at 1.50V; all the way up to a DDR3-3000 MHz kit, which achieves its rated speeds at 12-14-14-36, and 1.65V; with DDR3-2133, DDR3-2400, DDR3-2667, DDR3-2800, and DDR3-2933 options along the way. The kits are available in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB sizes. Features on offer are a chunky yet airy aluminum heatspreader, silver and black heatspreader color options, DBT-burned in resilience, and lifetime warranty to back that up.

GeIL Unveils EVO Potenza Series High-Performance Memory

GeIL showed off its newest EVO Potenza line of memory modules built for 4th generation Core "Haswell" processors, offering speeds ranging from DDR3-1600 to DDR3-3000, available in 4 GB and 8 GB densities, and as many as four color options for the heatspreaders: military green, indigo, red with black, and silver with chrome. At its booth, GeIL ran a live demo of a system with four 4 GB DDR3-3000 modules running at advertised speeds, with 12-14-14-36 / CL2T, on a Core i7-4770K (ES) based machine. GeIL put some of these modules through makeshift "torture-racks" (enclosures with high temperature and humidity), which survived and went on to work. GeIL uses similar torture-racks on its production line, on a much larger scale, which it calls "Die-hard Burn-in Technology" or DBT. They're used as QA. EVO Potenza will be sold as single modules, and in dual- and quad-channel memory kits.

GTX 680 Generally Faster Than HD 7970: New Benchmarks

For skeptics who refuse to believe randomly-sourced bar-graphs of the GeForce GTX 680 that are starved of pictures, here is the first set of benchmarks run by a third-party (neither NVIDIA nor one of its AIC partners). This [p]reviewer from HKEPC has pictures to back his benchmarks. The GeForce GTX 680 was pitted against a Radeon HD 7970, and a previous-generation GeForce GTX 580. The test-bed consisted of an extreme-cooled Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition processor (running at stock frequency), ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, 8 GB (4x 2 GB) GeIL EVO 2 DDR3-2200 MHz quad-channel memory, Corsair AX1200W PSU, and Windows 7 x64.

Benchmarks included 3DMark 11 (performance preset), Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Lost Planet 2, and Unigine Heaven (version not mentioned, could be 1). All tests were run at a constant resolution of 1920x1080, with 8x MSAA on some tests (mentioned in the graphs).

More graphs follow.

Core i7-3820 Overclocked to 5.666 GHz

GUN'G'STAR of TeamRussia successfully achieved an overclocking record of 5.666 GHz for the quad-core Intel Core i7-3820 processor; a feat that validates the LGA2011 i7-3820 of being a generally good chip for overclocking, despite being "Limited Unlocked" (BClk multiplier being unlocked only to a few notches above its stock setting). GUN'G'STAR achieved a clock speed of 5,665.99 MHz using a BClk speed of 131.74 MHz, a multiplier value of 43x, and core voltage of 1.6V. The chip was assisted with GeIL-made DDR3-1600 memory sitting on all four channels, and ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard. Only 2 out of 4 cores of the i7-3820 were enabled for the feat, HyperThreading was disabled. Extreme cooling was used. The CPU-Z validation can be accessed here.

Source: Expreview

GeIL Readies the Zenith Series Solid State Drives

Following many of its rivals, Taiwanese memory module maker Golden Emperor International Ltd. (aka GeIL) has decided to expand into the solid state drive market. The company is currently finishing up its very first (2.5-inch) SSDs which are known as Zenith S2 (SATA 3.0 Gbps) and Zenith S3 (SATA 6.0 Gbps) and are set to become available as soon as next month.

The Zenith S2 will deliver read/write speeds of up to 280/270 MB/s while the S3 models, which are powered by SandForce SF-2000 Series controllers, will be capable of 500+ MB/s transfer speeds.

The Zenith S2 family will include 60 GB and 120 GB models whereas the Zenith S3 line will feature 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB drives. More details about GeIL's SSDs are expected in the coming weeks.

Source: KitGuru

AMD A8-3870K Cracks 6 GHz with All Cores Enabled

Overclocker "Christian Ney" of the HWBOT community claims to have cracked the 6 GHz clock speed mark with an AMD A8-3870K APU, with all four of its cores enabled. The feat consisted of a clock speed of 6067.7 MHz achieved using a base clock of 258.2 MHz and multiplier of 47.0x. The memory was clocked at 3505 MHz, just 95 MHz short of a world-record. The chip was put through a scorching core voltage of 2V. Supporting components included GIGABYTE A75-UD4H motherboard, and GeIL EVO Corsa DDR3 memory. The setup was cooled sub-zero. CPU-Z Validator rejected this submission, probably because like us, it finds 2V vCore and 258.2 MHz base clock unreal for Llano, since it uses a common 100 MHz clock domain for BClk and PCIe.


GeIL Intros Enhance Corsa and Evo Corsa Series DDR3 Memory Lines

GeIL (Golden Emperor Industries Ltd.) rolled out two new lines of DDR3 desktop memory targering the gamer-enthusiast segment, the Enhance Corsa and Evo Corsa. Interestingly, these lines don't include triple-channel kits, but quad-channel ones consisting of four modules, aside from the usual dual-channel kits. Gearing up for the Sandy Bridge-E market early, I see. Among the two lines, the Enhance Corsa consists of bang-for-buck kits with DDR3-1333 MHz and DDR3-1600 MHz.

The USP here is that the 1333 MHz kits will pack an Intel XMP profile that runs the modules at 1500 MHz with CL9 timings, and DRAM voltage of 1.5V; while the DDR3-1600 MHz ones will pack a XMP profile that runs them at 1700 MHz with CL9 timings and 1.5V. Evo Corsa comes in dual and quad-channel kits, consisting of 2 GB or 4 GB modules, making up 4 GB or 8 GB dual-channel; and 8 GB or 16 GB quad-channel kits on offer.

Thortech Shows off Platinum Plus 850W PSU

GeIL brand Thortech showed off its high-wattage PSU bearing the coveted 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency rating, the Thortech Platinum Plus 850W. The PSU gives out 850W of continuous power, complemented by over 92% efficiency. It makes use of a single large 100A +12V rail design, backed by high-grade components. While the PSU features a suite of powerprotection mechanisms, it also features a native hardware monitoring heads-up display like its 80 Plus Gold compliant cousins. The display sits into a 5.25" drive bay, displays various PSU parameters, and also gives a bit of control. Thortech's PSU is modular, and packs enough PCI-E cables to power a system with up to three graphics cards.


Thortech Announces Thunderbolt Plus and Thunderbolt 80 Plus Gold Modular PSUs

THORTECH announces the launch of the all new Thunderbolt & Thunderbolt PLUS Series high efficiency gaming performance power supply. The Thunderbolt PLUS Series is equipped with the patented innovative iPower Meter interactive PSU control panel which allows the user to monitor the actual efficiency, wattage, temperature and control the fan speed mode of the PSU, just to name a few. Thunderbolt & Thunderbolt PLUS Series are 80 Plus Gold and NVIDIA SLI certified, as well as compliance with the latest Intel and AMD CPU.
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