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Genesis Unveils the Helium 800 BT 2.1 Speakers with ARGB Illumination

Genesis creates a wide range of gaming accessories. One of its strongest products is the computer speakers Helium series, which has just been expanded with a new flagship model. The Helium 800 BT not only has great specs, but also boasts impressive ARGB illumination.

The Genesis Helium 800 BT is a 2.1 speaker set with 60 W RMS power, distinguished by its 100 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response. The set is equipped with Bluetooth communication, as well as an optical (Toslink) and RCA input. The manufacturer added a controlling remote to the set, but it also includes a special panel on the subwoofer which allows user to change the volume and bass characteristics. The speakers also can work in ECO mode, which automatically switches them to standby mode, when they are not being used.

Genesis Announces Thor 303 RGB and TKL Keyboards

The Genesis Thor 303 RGB is the successor of the popular Thor 300 model. Available in two versions, Full and TKL, it provides users with the ability to exchange switches as well as RGB PRISMO illumination. The keys are finished with a special technique, so this unit will serve gamers for years to come.
The Genesis Thor 303 features a simple, aesthetic design. The model is based on a durable, aluminium frame, which includes exchangeable Outemu Blue switches. They are characterized by high durability of up to 50 million clicks. The switches' reaction time is 8 milliseconds, while the actuation force is equal to 55 g.

The Thor 303 RGB keys are topped with special caps, which thanks to the employed Double Injection technology withstand abrasion even after years of work. The unit also incudes the N-key rollover and hot swap functions, so that users can change the keys in the keyboard by themselves. The manufacturer has also included the RGB LED illumination with PRISMO effect - users can select from among 25 lighting modes. They can choose a proper mode in the included software, which can also be used to create macros and save user profiles. The Thor 303 RGB is also equipped with 11 multimedia keys.

Genesis Announces the Zircon X Gaming Mouse

Genesis Zircon X is a flagship device for the most demanding players. The ultra-light, illuminated mouse offers wired and wireless communication with low latency, a 19,000 DPI sensor, as well as switches with durability up to 80 milion clicks. The manufacturer launched 1000 numbered models of the birthday edition. The Genesis Zircon X gaming mouse is the crowning of the 10 years of the brand. This is why the company launched 1000 models with unique certificates with a limited serial number. The model is distinguished by top parameters. The 72 g unit has both wired and wireless (2.4 GHz) communication with low latency. Without using the "tail" the mouse can work up to 80 hours, offering the same, identical performance for both methods.

The Genesis Zircon X is armed with a PixArt PMW3370 sensor with 19,000 DPI, which reports the location each millisecond. According to the manufacturer the mouse handles acceleration up to 50G and is able to track movement with a speed of 400 inches per second. The sensor sensitivity, just as in the case of LOD, can be modified and lowered down to 50 DPI. With the use of the software provided by the manufacturer users can, among other options, program each of six buttons and record macros.

Genesis Launches the Oxid 850 RGB Notebook Cooling Pad

Modern laptops often require help when it comes to dealing with overt heat. More often than not this is because of not so efficient cooling systems. This is where cooling pads come in, for example the newly launched Genesis Oxid 850 RGB model. The Genesis Oxid 850 RGB is a cooling pad for laptops with screens with a maximum diameter of 17.3". Efficient cooling for the heat coming out of the laptop is maintained thanks to five fans. The main, 140 mm one works with a speed of up to 2500 RPM. The remaining four 60 mm fans rotate with 1100 RPM. This configuration allows for air flow with a volume of approximately 120 cubic meters per hour.

The fans in the Genesis Oxid 850 RGB pad are covered with a sheet of perforated aluminium, and the rest of the casing is made from durable ABS material. The aim of the structure is to support the laptop and efficiently distribute heat. Additionally, the user can configure the pad with six inclination settings in order to adapt the screen and work space to their needs.

Genesis Announces Thor 660 Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Genesis Thor 660 is a mechanical keyboard which functions not only as a wired device, but also as a wireless Bluetooth unit. It is perfect for users who do not want to be restricted by the length of the USB cord.

The Genesis Thor 660 is a wireless mechanical keyboard equipped with Gateron RED switches with durability of up to 50 million clicks. They are designed for fans of linear switches, with an actuation force of 45 g±10 g and the actuation point of 2.0 mm ± 0.6 mm. Genesis Thor 660 has compact size (293 x 102 x 39 mm) with 61 keys (TKL, so no numeric keys) and N-Key rollover function. The covers of the keys are made with the "Pudding PBT" technology with double injection, which translates into durability.

Genesis Announces the Krypton 750 Gaming Mouse

Genesis Krypton 750 is a gaming mouse which impresses not only with its parameters, but also with its durability and customization options. Designers equipped it with a system of weights, so that everyone can find the right balance. It also has changeable top panels - full and transparent. Its mechanical switches can withstand up to 50 million clicks, and its Paracord-braided cable will serve for many years. And that's not the end of it.
The latest model in the Genesis lineup is the Krypton 750 gaming mouse. It can weigh from 58 to 76 g. This is regulated with the use of a 12-weight system. They can be accessed through a changeable top. The top can fully cover the interior of the model or present a perforated honeycomb design, which translates into better skin ventilation. The users, however, don't have to pick one of two options at the store - the box includes both tops.

Sliding on PTFE feet, the Genesis Krypton 750 is equipped with a PixArt PAW3333 optic sensor. Its DPI can be set to one of six steps in the 200 to 8000 DPI range, and the current setting is is displayed on an DPI indicator. According to its specification, it manages acceleration up to 35 G and tracks movements with speed of up to 300 inches per second. The players input their commands with the use of six programmable buttons.

Genesis Unveils World of Warships Co-branded Carbon 500 Series Mousepads

Genesis introduces the Carbon 500 WOWS Armada and WOWS Błyskawica series mouse pads to its portfolio. They are available in two sizes - M and Maxi, and their top side is decorated with unique graphics from World of Warships. The set also comes with bonus items for WOWS fans.
World of Warships fans who are considering buying a mouse pad can stock up on one of the novelties of the Genesis brand. The Genesis portfolio is joined by the Carbon 500 WOWS Armada and Carbon 500 WOWS Błyskawica models. In both cases, the smooth, waterproof, speed fabric features unique graphics from the game.

The designers promise exemplary cooperation with all mice as well as smooth and even glide, ensuring immediate response. The edges of the pads have been stitched to prevent the material from fraying over time. The underside is lined with a layer of non-slip rubber which keeps the pad stable. Genesis Carbon 500 WOWS Armada and Carbon 500 WOWS Błyskawica mouse pads are offered in two sizes - M with an area of 300 x 250 mm and Maxi with dimensions of 900 x 450 mm. With each WOWS mouse pad, buyers will receive special codes to be redeemed in World of Warships to claim attractive in-game bonuses.

Genesis Announces Neon 600 RGB White Gaming Headset

Bathed in white, the Genesis Neon 600 RGB White is a stylish headset for gamers. In it equipped with a mechanism that automatically fits the set to the user's head. The manufacturer also included RGB illumination, which lights up the earpads. The illumination system does not require the user to install any additional software.

The Genesis Neon 600 RGB White headset is a white version of the popular Neon 600 RGB model. Users can enjoy a special mechanism, which smoothly and automatically adjusts to the wearer's head, as well as foam earpads covered with eco-leather. The RGB illumination lights up the design and allows users to adapt the looks of the set to the rest of the hardware as well interior decoration. You can select one of the nine available colors with the use of a button located on the earpad.

Genesis Unveils Zircon 550 Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse

Genesis Zircon 550 is a gaming mouse which can work both wirelessly and connected via cable. At the same it is very light, weighing only 90 g. The device is equipped with switches with 20 million durability and a high precision sensor. RGB Illumination completes the set. The Genesis Zircon 550 gaming mouse is a light, 90 g design. The meshed top facilitates air flow for the hand. It also bears the manufacturer's logo. Just like the roller and the strip running around the base, it can display all colors of the rainbow thanks to RGB illumination. The model can connect to a PC with two modes - via cable and wirelessly on the 2.4 GHz band with low latency. Wireless communication is enabled through a nanoreceiver, which can be hidden in the device.

High precision motion tracking is enabled through a PixArt PMW3325 sensor. The sensor sensitivity can be configured from 200 to 8000 DPI. According to the manufacturer, it manages acceleration up to 20 G and tracks movements with speed of up to 100 inches per second. The reporting is set at the 1000 Hz frequency. When buying the mouse, the user also gets proper software. It allows the user to change the functions of each of the seven keys, create macros, change the illumination settings, and save sets in the in-built memory as profiles.

Genesis Announces Carbon 700 XL and Maxi Mousepads

Genesis Carbon 700 XL and Maxi are mousepads which will provide smooth slide and high precision for years. They are made from the Cordura fabric, exceptionally durable when it comes to damage and tearing. The Genesis Carbon 700 pads are launching in two sizes. The 700 XL model has a size of 450 x 400 mm, while the 700 Maxi variant is nearly two times bigger, 900 x 420 mm. Both models provide smooth "speed" Cordura surface. It is exceptionally resistant to abrasion, so users can expect many years of durability and smooth movement.

The surface of the Genesis Carbon 700 XL and 700 Maxi mouse pads is water-resistant. The borders of the models are trimmed, so that even after a long time there are no tears. The pads stay in one place during long gaming sessions thanks to a rubber bottom surface, which prevents them from slipping. The designers state that the accessories are compatible with all types of optical and laser mice.

Genesis Launches a New Krypton 290 Gaming Mouse

The Genesis Krypton 290 is the model from the 200 series. In its ergonomic case you will find a 6400 DPI sensor, in-built memory for storing settings, as well as switches which provide effortless work for a long time. The set is complete with LED illumination with the signature PRISMO effect.

The Genesis Krypton 290 gaming mouse is a light (99 g) design with a symmetrical shape. The model is equipped with seven programmable buttons which can be configured with the use of the manufacturer's software. It also allows for recording of macros as well as changing the illumination settings and saving those options in the in-built memory. There are 16 million colors to choose from. The roller, logo on the top, as well as a LEDs running along the base are illuminated.

Genesis Announces HOLM 320 RGB White Gaming Desk

The Genesis HOLM 320 RGB White gaming desk is a perfect option for users who are looking for a combination of style and functionality. Its 120 x 160 cm tabletop is made from an MDF board. Covered with carbon veneer, the desk has all the space users need. The sceen can be placed on a shelf, which allows for optimal placement and saves space on the desk.

The manufacturer also included holders for cups and headphones, as well as a stand for gamepads. Thanks to those features everything has its place and organizing the working space becomes easy. The Genesis HOLM 320 RGB White desk has an in-built wireless charger. Users can charge their modern devices simply by placing them on the desk. Cable organization is supported by a three USB 3.0 hub with cable channels.

Genesis Mining Gets 485K GPUs Returned by China Supreme Court

Genesis Mining, one of the largest cloud providers of cryptocurrency mining services headquartered in Iceland, has today won a great deal with China's Supreme Court. According to the reports, Genesis is now getting back the 485,000 AMD Radeon RX 470 8 GB graphics cards returned to its mining facilities in hopes of soon usage. What leads to this you might wonder? Previously, Genesis Mining partner, Chuangshiji Technology Limited, which provides hosting services for Genesis, took the company's mining hardware and started listing it without consent from the Iceland-based firm.

As the company filed a lawsuit in China supreme court, the legal disputes were going on for some time and today Genesis has won. According to the report, Genesis is getting back as much as 485,000 AMD Radeon RX 470 8 GB graphics cards with a total mining power of 14.5 TH/s. All these GPUs are now looking for a new home inside Genesis Mining facilities and will be able to provide a bit over a million dollars in mined Ethereum, at today's prices.

Genesis Launches Neon 750 RGB Gaming Headset

The Genesis Neon 750 RGB is the top product of the Neon series. The product is made from premium class materials. This translates into high comfort of use and durability. The model includes large, 50 mm transducers and impressive RGB illumination with the Prismo effect. The Genesis Neon 750 RGB full headphones takes the lead in the Neon series. The manufacturer states that both the arm and the earmuffs, which move horizontally, are covered with premium leather. This guarantees high comfort of use. Thanks to an elegant braid, the cables are elastic and at the same time resistant to mechanical damage.

The Genesis Neon 750 RGB is equipped with 50 mm transducers. The designers made sure that high quality sound conveys all the details that are important to players. The set also includes RGB Prismo illumination. Owners can use it to give the headset an individual style and better express themselves. The set can be configured by a remote controller.

AMD "Milan-X" Processor Could Use Stacked Dies with X3D Packaging Technology

AMD is in a constant process of processor development, and there are always new technologies on the horizon. Back in March of 2020, the company has revealed that it is working on new X3D packaging technology, that integrated both 2.5D and 3D approaches to packing semiconductor dies together as tightly as possible. Today, we are finally getting some more information about the X3D technology, as we have the first codename of the processor that is featuring this advanced packaging technology. According to David Schor, we have learned that AMD is working on a CPU that uses X3D tech with stacked dies, and it is called Milan-X.

The Milan-X CPU is AMD's upcoming product designed for data center usage. The rumors suggest that the CPU is designed for heavy bandwidth and presumably a lot of computing power. According to ExecutableFix, the CPU uses a Genesis-IO die to power the connectivity, which is an IO die from EPYC Zen 3 processors. While this solution is in the works, we don't know the exact launch date of the processor. However, we could hear more about it in AMD's virtual keynote at Computex 2021. For now, take this rumor with a grain of salt.
AMD X3D Packaging Technology

Genesis Announces Thor 380, 400, and 401 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Functional, effective, and durable - new, illuminated mechanical gaming keyboards from Genesis have all these features. Closed in aluminium cases, the low-profile Thor 380, 400, and 401 RGB models differ in their switches. Gamers can pick the ones according to their needs. The Genesis Thor 380 RGB is a mechanical keyboard with Outemu Blue switches. They feature distinct feedback, an audible click sound and a detectable stroke. The Genesis Thor 400 RGB equipped with Kailh RED switches is intended for those gamers who prefer linear switches. Those who are looking for a keyboard with good feedback without audible clicking sounds should think about the Thor 401 RB with Kailh Brown switches. The activation force for this model is around 45 g.

All of these keyboards have aluminium cases and depressed keys with low profile. The prints are made with "Double Injection" technology, so that the symbols will withstand the test of time. What's more, the N-key rollover mechanism effortlessly handles situations when the user pushes all buttons at once. RGB Illumination completes the set. Users can select from one of 13 light modes, including the PRISMO effect, a signature feature of the manufacturer.

Genesis Rolls Out Krypton 310 Gaming Mouse

The Genesis Krypton 310 is a gaming mouse which captivates users with its simple form while providing a wide range of options. The device is equipped with programmable buttons, in-built memory as well as durable switches. The RGB illumination, on the other hand, allows for device personalization.

The Genesis Krypton 310 is a gaming mouse with an ADNS-3050 optical sensor with up to 4000 DPI, which allows for precise movement tracking. Users can configure the DPI and decrease it as far as 500 DPI. The sensor is accompanied by seven programmable buttons which can be configured with the use of the manufacturer's software. The application allows users to save complex macros and change the Prismo RGB illumination settings.

Genesis Announces Nitro 890 Gaming Chair

The Genesis Nitro 890 is an armchair designed for demanding gamers. They will surely appreciate a wide array of settings, for example for the lumbar area, a configurable deflection angle of the back, as well as a durable fabric resistant to abrasion, which provides optimal ventilation.

The Genesis Nitro 890 gaming armchair is a metal design filled with cold foam. The backrest and the seat are covered with an abrasion-resistant material, which translates into proper ventilation in all conditions. Its profiled backrest with a regulated support of the lumbar area and an ergonomic head cushion provides all sensitive body parts with optimal conditions.

Genesis Gaming Announces Helium 300BT ARGB Desktop Speakers

Modern speakers are not only a source of sound, but also an element of interior design. The Genesis Helium 300BT ARGB speakers adhere to this trend, offering not only powerful sound, but also personalization options.

The Genesis Helium 300BT ARGB set are stereo speakers, which can be connected to a computer with a cable or wirelessly through the Bluetooth interface. The manufacturer equipped it with ARGB LED illumination, and the user has full control over it. LEDs which run around the membranes work with illumination systems from the most popular motherboard manufacturers. The compatibility list includes, but is not limited to, Polychrome RGB, Mystic Light Sync, RGB Fusion, and Aura Sync.

Genesis Announces Rhod 250 Gaming Keyboard

Genesis Rhod 250 is a practical and durable gaming keyboard. The manufacturer included laser engraved symbols, resistance to splashes, as well as 19-key antighosting. All of this is available for a shockingly low price. The black and red design of the Rhod 250 is based on membranes with high durability. Its antighosting mechanism efficiently handles combinations of up to 19 keys pressed, enabling playing in duos on the same keyboard. The keys have laser engraved symbols, so that they do not vanish after long-term, intensive use.

The Genesis Rhod 250 allows for the swapping of arrows and W, A, S, D keys. The device also includes multimedia control keys, and some of the keys are enriched with symbols of video game equipment. The whole set is resistant to splashes, which enhances the practical value of the device. There are also standard features such as Windows block key or anti-slip, foldable feet.

Genesis Announces HOLM 510 RGB Gaming Desk

The Genesis HOLM 510 RGB is a desk created for demanding gamers. A spatial tabletop is equipped with a wireless charger, a USB hub, and remotely controller LED illumination, which creates a unique gaming station. The whole set is complete with practical holders and bases. The Genesis HOLM 510 RGB desk provides extensive workspace with a table-top sized 160 x 75 cm. The manufacturer focused on high quality and modern, stylish carbon finishing. In-built RGB LED illumination also adds a sense of style. It's equipped with remote control and a variety of modes and effects to choose from so that players can create their own unique gaming station.

The Genesis HOLD 510 RGB tabletop has an in-built wireless charger. It does not take any desk space and allows for quick charging of devices, like smartphones. It also has an in-built hub with three USB 3.0 ports to facilitate accessory connectivity. Cable management is simplified thanks to channels and a shelf under the table-top with space for a power strip.

Genesis Releases Selen 400 Wireless Gaming Headset

Genesis Selen 400 is a wireless gaming headset. It works with PC as well as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles. The device communicates with the use of a USB receiver and the manufacturer states that it can work continuously for 15 hours. Users will feel comfortable during long gaming sessions thanks to earmuffs covered with leather of premium quality.

The muffs connected to an aluminium arch are equipped with 50 mm transducers. These function in stereo mode and guarantee sound quality that gamers require. The left earmuff includes a controller for volume and microphone muting. The microphone itself is placed on a flexible arm so that users can conveniently adapt to their taste.

Genesis Announces the Neon 600 RGB Gaming Headset

The Genesis Neon 600 RGB is a gaming headset for players who want to feel comfortable and stand out from the crowd. The set draws attention with RGB illumination which can be controlled without additional software. Automatically configured arm, on the other hand, translates into ease of use. The Genesis Neon 600 RGB gaming headset is a comfortable and effective device. Gamers can use RGB illumination to better express themselves. They can configure it without the use of any additional software. One of the earpieces is equipped with a button for the selection of one of ten illumination colors. The manufacturer reiterates that this by any means is not standard for mini-jack headsets.

The Genesis Neon 600 RGB is equipped with an arm that automatically adjusts to the head of the wearer. Just like its foam earmuffs, it is trimmed with eco-leather. Equipped with 50 mm transducers, the headset provides clear, detailed, and properly positioned sound. Sound volume can be adjusted with a wheel placed on one of the earmuffs.

Genesis Announces Radium 300 XLR Gaming Mic

More and more often we create content, run webinars, while video-conferences are replacing meetings at the office. We require and expect more, also on the issue of sound. The Genesis Radium 300 300 XLR studio microphone is here to fulfill those needs. The manufacturer says that the Radium 300 XLR is a professional studio microphone. Thanks to its 30 Hz - 16 kHz frequency range and high sensitivity it provides high quality, clear sound. Its cardioid character filters background noise, recording the sounds only directed at the microphone. Parents of noisy children and owners of loud mechanical keyboards will surely appreciate this feature.

The Genesis Radium 300 300 XLR microphone is sold with a set of accessories which simplify installation and use. Its regulated, metal arm guarantees installation flexibility. Mounting the microphone from the top or down should not be any challenge. The set also includes an anti-vibration holder, a foam anti-noise cover, and a pop filter. These elements provide high quality, clean sound, which is so important for content creators and remote employees.

Genesis Announces the Krypton 550 Lightweight Gaming Mouse.

Genesis Krypton 550 is a gaming mouse designed with tested solutions in mind. The manufacturer decided for a precise sensor and comprehensive software, and the whole set is enclosed in an ultralight perforated case with PRISMO illumination. The Genesis Krypton 550 is a gaming mouse with expanded functionality. Its software allows users to change the functions of each of its seven buttons, create macros and save them on in-built memory. Motion tracking is being handled by the PixArt PMW 3325 sensor. According to the manufacturer, it manages acceleration up to 20 G and tracks movements with speed of up to 100 inches per second.

The sensor sensitivity can be configured from 200 to 8000 DPI. Thanks to its perforated, 70 g casing the Genesis Krypton proves to be an interesting offer for FPS fans looking for speed and precision. Durability and customization were the focus of the designers as well. The manufacturer chose Huano switches with up to 20 million click durability, and the wheel, the insides and the bottom edges are equipped with RGB LED illumination.
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