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Genesis Announces the Krypton 510 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Genesis Krypton 510 is a gaming mouse which offers comfort, high efficiency, and durability for an affordable price. The manufacturer focuses on practical, matte finishing and effective RGB illumination. Equipped with a precise sensor, it should fulfill all the requirements of gaming fans.

Genesis Krypton 510 is a programmable gaming mouse. The manufacturer equipped it with software, which allows the users to assign functions to one of six buttons, as well as saving their sequences in the form of macros. Preferences can be saved in in-built memory. In combination with the PixArt PMW 3325 optical sensor with a 400-7200 DPI sensitivity, the players receive a precise device with high configurability.

Genesis Announces Helium 100BT Wireless PC Speakers with RGB Illumination

Genesis Helium 100BT are computer speakers, which divert from design patterns the manufacturer is known for. Those compact speakers are equipped with LED illumination. RGB rings encircle the speaker membranes so users can express themselves better and create a unique gaming station. The illumination should be clearly visible through perforated masking.

You can also see the venting opening, which is part of the Bass Reflex system. So you can be sure that the compact size comes equipped with lower tones. The manufacturer says that the Genesis Helium 100BT provide high quality sound. Sound source can be connected with a mini-jack 3.5 or through Bluetooth 5.0 interface.

Genesis Announces Vanad 500 Multi-function Device for Gamers

Genesis today announced the Vanad 500 multi-function device for gamers. Genesis Vanad 500 is headphone holder for gamers. Equipped with anti-slip feet, its design provides greater stability for heavier gaming headsets. When it comes to functionality, the manufacturer took some extra steps forward. The device is equipped with a flexible bungee type arm. It holds the mouse cable in an optimal position, which eliminates friction on the desk as well as translates into greater freedom and fluidity of movement.

The Genesis Vanad 500 gaming character is further enhanced by its in-built illumination. This way the user can create a unique atmosphere for its gaming rig and personalize their space. There are seven illumination colors to select as well as two function modes - continuous and neon. The in-build LED strip illuminates the holder along the edges and runs to its base, which is also equipped with LEDs and a switch for changing the work mode.

Genesis Announces the Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse

Xenon 800 is a new, flagship gaming mouse from Genesis. Take a quick look at its features and you might think that company's accountants took a long vacation during the development process. An ultralight construction, weight system, high fidelity sensor, and Japanese Omron switches - all of this is available for a shockingly low price.

Genesis Xenon 800 will surely disrupt the gaming equipment landscape. The device's perforated, matte case weighs only 58 g. This makes it one of the lightest gaming mice available. If, however, for whatever reason the device's feel is not to your liking, you can swap it for a traditional panel included in the set. So you always have a choice.

Distant Blips on the AMD Roadmap Surface: Rembrandt and Raphael

Several future AMD processor codenames across various computing segments surfaced courtesy of an Expreview leak that's largely aligned with information from Komachi Ensaka. It does not account for "Matisse Refresh" that's allegedly coming out in June-July as three gaming-focused Ryzen socket AM4 desktop processors; but roadmap from 2H-2020 going up to 2022 sees many codenames surface. To begin with, the second half of 2020 promises to be as action packed as last year's 7/7 mega launch. Over in the graphics business, the company is expected to debut its DirectX 12 Ultimate-compliant RDNA2 client graphics, and its first CDNA architecture-based compute accelerators. Much of the processor launch cycle is based around the new "Zen 3" microarchitecture.

The server platform debuting in the second half of 2020 is codenamed "Genesis SP3." This will be the final processor architecture for the SP3-class enterprise sockets, as it has DDR4 and PCI-Express gen 4.0 I/O. The EPYC server processor is codenamed "Milan," and combines "Zen 3" chiplets along with an sIOD. EPYC Embedded (FP6 package) processors are codenamed "Grey Hawk."

Genesis Gaming Announces Thor 300 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The Genesis Thor 300 RGB is a mechanical keyboard, which both ardent and professional gamers will surely appreciate. Inside an aluminium case you will find a set of mechanical Outemu Brown switches. The manufacturer emphasizes their durability of up to 50 million clicks, short reaction time of 8 milliseconds and low force required for activation (55 g).

The switches are covered with caps which are resistant to wear and tear thanks to Double Injection technology. The Genesis Thor 300 RGB offers players the ability to press all keys at once (full N-Key rollover) as well as PRISMO effect RGB LED illumination. The manufacturer prepared 25 illumination sets, so each and every player should find one to their liking.

Genesis Announces the Thor 420 Gaming Keyboard

Genesis Thor 420 RGB is a great offer for those players who are looking for a quick, durable, and sweet looking mechanical keyboard. Equipped with flat keys, the new model also boasts a great price, which won't burn your budget down. The Genesis Thor 420 RGB is a keyboard with flat, mechanical switches with 50 million click durability. The keys require low activation force (45 g) and provide sufficient feedback with a click. This is why the new Thor 420 is great not only for games, but also working with documents. The set is closed in an aluminium casing, equipped with RGB LED illumination with PRISMO effect and 22 work modes.

As a product intended mainly for gamers, the Genesis Thor 420 RGB also has full N-Key rollover function. This mechanism prevents the keys from blocking, when several of them, or even more than ten, are pressed at the same time. The manufacturer states that the presented model has not limits in this respect and you can press all its keys at once. Multimedia buttons as well as an option to block the Windows key are also a welcome addition.
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