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Mushkin Adds UltimateFX GeForce GTX 295 to its Portfolio

Having recently announced a comeback into the consumer graphics card market, Mushkin added a new accelerator to its lineup. The UltimateFX GTX 295 is a reference-design single PCB accelerator, which comes with all the Mushkin paraphernalia such as the WoodBox packing. Mushkin stuck to the reference clock speed profile for this card 576/1008/1242 MHz (core/memory/shader). It packs a total of 1792 MB GDDR3 memory across two 448-bit interfaces. The two GPUs pack 240 shader processors each. Mushkin indicated that it will release more variants in this series based on factory-overclocked settings.

Mushkin Making a Comeback With Video Cards

Popular memory manufacturer Mushkin, which is also known for power supply units and until last year, for video cards, plans to resume being a video card manufacturer, and an add-in card partner for NVIDIA. The company just announced plans on an entire lineup of products based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 200 series, called Mushkin UltimateFX. It includes products starting from the GeForce GTX 260 896 MB base model, going all the way up to GeForce GTX 285 2048 MB, with models carved out based on clock speeds and memory sizes.

For the most part, it looks like Mushkin will use non-reference designs which we may be familiar with. One of their products resembles a similar design by Sparkle, while another bears resemblance with the reference NVIDIA design, albeit a green PCB (something PNY has opted for). The cards will be shipped in an a classic wooden jewel case, similar to to the "WoodBox" it shipped with its older products. Here's what the lineup looks like:

Mushkin Launches New Redline Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Kits

Mushkin Memory has just released two new Redline DDR3 kits. The triple channel Mushkin Redline memories, model numbers 998691 and 998692, both consist of three 2 GB modules for a total of 6 GB. They both operate at 1600 MHz with CL6-7-6-18 timings and 1.65 V. Model number 998691 comes with Mushkin's usual heatspreader known from the past, while the 998692 kit ships with the company's new Ascent heatspreaders that use a technology developed by Celsia technologies, called eVCI (enhanced Vapor Chamber Interface). Both triple channel kits are to be offered with a lifetime warranty.

Mushkin Introduces its first SSD Series called Europe

Mushkin Enhanced, one of the leading manufacturers for High Performance Computer announces the availability of his first SSD-series called "Europe". The capacities are 32, 64, 128, 192 and 256GB in a noble aluminium housing and captivating with aggressive pricing.

"Once, Zeus felt in love with the beautiful Europe, now, every speed enthusiast can do the same." smiles Steffen Eisenstein, CEO of Mushkin Logistic GmbH and looks on the aluminium dressed SSDs. But like always for Mushkin, the inside value is one of the finest: With 150MB/s read and 90MB/s there is a convenient working guaranteed, no stuttering in games for loading, no vibration in your case and no annoying clicking for reading and writing. Due to the integrated Mini-USB 2.0 connector, you can also use the new SSD as an external storage without additional power supply.

Mushkin Announces New 1600 MHz DDR3 Memory With Radioactive Heatspreaders

Mushkin, one of the leading manufacturers of high performance computer components, announces the availability of a new DDR3 Triple-Channel-Kit. It's called: "998679r" and is equipped with 6GB and a high frequency of 1600 MHz. The memory will be delivered in a noble aluminium case assembled with unqiue "radioactive" heatspreaders.
"This kit is the ultimate combination of newest technology and fancy design." Proclaims Steffen Eisenstein, CEO of Mushkin Logistic GmbH very proudly, and continues: "The response for the "radioactive" heatspreader was huge, now we will have a hell of a party on DDR3!"

Mushkin Launches New 1866 MHz DDR3 Triple-Channel Kit: 998686

Mushkin Enhanced, one of the leading manufacturers for High Performance Computer Parts announced today the release of its XP3-15000 DDR3 modules. Rated for 933MHz (1866MT/s data rate) and 8-9-8-24 latencies, the XP3-15000 modules provide astonishing performance on Intel X58 platforms while using a safe 1.65V supply voltage.

"Following our tradition of innovation in the high performance memory market, the new XP3-15000 brings Core i7 triple-channel kits to an elevated standard", said Brian Flood, Mushkin's director of product development. "Enthusiasts and gamers alike will enjoy the flexibility and stability of this new product while overclocking their machines."

Mushkin Announces New PCGH DDR2 Special-Edition

Mushkin announces the availability of a new DDR2 Special-Edition: the 4GB Kit called "996580PCGH" is the continuation of the successful co-operation with the PC Games Hardware print magazine.

"The teamwork with the PCGH is fantastic!" says Steffen Eisenstein, CEO of Mushkin Logistic GmbH very glad. "So it makes perfect sense for us to do another Special-Edition. The new kit is perfect for performance demanding beginners who wants fast timings and rock-bottom prices."

Muskin Launches its First Hex DDR3 Memory Kit

Mushkin today introduced its first memory kit consisting of six DDR3 modules for use on Core i7 and other compatible platforms. The kit (model: HP3 995659) provides a combined memory capacity of 12GB (6x 2GB), which should suit workstations and other high performance systems based on the Core i7 platform. The modules operate at 1600 MHz (PC3-12800) at voltages between 1.5 and 1.6 volts with DRAM timings of 9-9-9-27. The modules come with the blue-coloured FrostByte heatspreaders. Pricing and availability will be announced soon.

Mushkin Releases 996580X2 DDR2 Memory

Mushkin today announced a new DDR2 800 MHz, 2x 2GB dual-channel memory kit, the XP2 series model 996580X2. The product targeted at the mainstream thru value segments. Mushkin adopted a simplistic product design which includes two modules without heatspreaders. The modules operate at voltages between 2 and 2.1V and DRAM timings of 4-4-4-12. The modules use an 8-layer black coloured PCB to reduce electronic noise. Mushkin plans to sell this kit for 46 to 49 Euros including taxes.

Mushkin Announces Triple-Channel Memory Kits for Core i7

Mushkin, Inc., a global leader in high-performance memory products, today announced the release of its triple-channel memory kits designed specifically for the new Intel Core i7 platform. The flagship offering of the new memory kits is the XP3-12800 7-8-7, allowing end users to extract higher performance at 1600MT/s than competitors' products while staying within safe operating voltages. Additionally, early adopters of the new platform will find Mushkin's triple-channel products stable and reliable, ensuring a trouble-free migration.

"We've worked diligently to create parts for the Core i7 platform that push specifications to unprecedented levels while maintaining the high quality and reliability standards of our existing products," said Brian Flood, director of product development for Mushkin. "Our triple-pack customers will be rewarded with the utmost reliability from our standard rated products, and greatly increased performance from our high performance line."

Mushkin-Exceleram Introduces New DDR3 Kits

Earlier this year, Mushkin acquired Exceleram to expand its technological expertise and manufacturing footprint. Exceleram had been in the business of high-performance gaming system memory modules for quite some time. Post acquisition, Mushkin lets Exceleram products, both current and future, retain the Exceleram brand name and product logos. News is, that the company launched two dual-channel DDR3 memory kits.

The EX3-21800X2-S2 is a 2x 1GB kit, that operates at 1800 MHz DDR, with timings of 8-8-8-24 and DIMM voltage of 1.85~1.90 V. The EX3-41600Q2-SM is a 2x 2GB kit. This is where the bank density eats into other parameters such as timings and frequency. It operates at 1600 MHz DDR, with looser timings of 9-9-9-27. On a positive note, the module voltage has been pushed down to 1.7 V, and it won't be too far-fetched to estimate, that the modules could operate at 1333 MHz at much lower voltages. While there's no word out on the pricing yet, Mushkin on its part states that the products would sell at "unbeatable prices".

Mushkin Launches X-Line Range of Memory Modules

Mushkin Enhanced, a leading manufacturer of high performance PC - components, announces the immediate availability of the three best-selling 2x 2GB DDR2 memory kits of 2008 announced its PCB used a special feature. Instead of the familiar green PCBs, Mushkin has invented something special. Based on the slogan "Black is beautiful" is the new X-line 8 series using "Challenger 8" series PCBs. Casemodders and all others who lay emphasis on special details, will be pleased with the black 8 SKILLED "Challenger" PCB. The black PCB now fits perfectly with the other PC components in the interior life and evaluates the overall picture.

The X-Line modules are now available in the following specifications:
  • 4096 MB, XP2-6400, 4-4-4-12 Dual Pack (2x 2048 MB), with EPP, Retail, X-Line (996580X)
  • 4096 MB, XP2-6400, 4-4-4-12 Dual Pack (2x 2048 MB), with EPP, Retail, X-Line (996580wX)
  • 4096 MB, XP2-8000, 5-5-5-15 Dual Pack (2x 2048 MB), REDLINE, with EPP, Retail, X-Line (996593X)
Images provided in the order 996580X, 996580wX and 996593X:

Mushkin Announces Ascent Memory Modules With eVCI Cooling

Mushkin, a global leader in high-performance computer products, announced the launch of a new high performance line of memory modules aimed at the power gamer market. Called Ascent, the new line raises the bar on its Redline and XP premium memory offering by using eVCI (enhanced Vapor Chamber Interface) cooling technology, the current state-of-the-art in heat spreaders.

Mushkin Intros New Arctic White and Charcoal Gray EM2-6400 DDR2 Kits

Mushkin today announced the immediate availability of two new DDR2 kits, whose Frost Byte heatspreaders have been painted in "Arctic White" and "Charcoal Gray". The modules are available now in two different 4GB (2x2GB) kits: XP2-6400 800MHz (model number: 99658Ow/g) with CL4-4-4-12 latencies, and EM2-6400 800MHz (model numbr: 996557w/g) with CL5-5-5-12 latencies. Last two letters of the model numbers indicate the color of the heatspreaders, w for white and g for gray. All Mushkin products come with a lifetime warranty.

Mushkin Announces XP3 DDR3 eXtreme Performance Memory Modules at CeBIT

Mushkin today announced its new XP3 series DDR3 modules at the CeBIT Mushkin booth (Hall 21, Stand A09). "It's our pleasure to announce the XP3 series modules at CeBIT this year", said Brian Flood, Mushkin director of product development. "Our latest eXtreme Performance modules provide enhanced bandwidth over the aging DDR2 technology and allow overclocked multicore processors to perform to their fullest."

Part Numbers:
  • 991600 - 1GB XP3-12800 (DDR3-1600) CL7-7-6-18 1.85-1.9V
  • 996600 - 2GB (2x1GB) XP3-12800 (DDR3-1600) CL7-7-6-18 1.85-1.9V
  • 991601 - 2GB XP3-12800 (DDR3-1600) CL7-7-6-18 1.85-1.9V
  • 996601 - 4GB (2x2GB) XP3-12800 (DDR3-1600) CL7-7-6-18 1.85-1.9V
  • 991602 - 1GB XP3-14400 (DDR3-1800) CL8-8-7-20 1.9-1.95V
  • 996602 - 2GB (2x1GB) XP3-14400 (DDR3-1800) CL8-8-7-20 1.9-1.95V
The XP3 modules will be available worldwide in the beginning of April.

Mushkin HP GeForce 8800GT 512MB Overclocked Edition v2 Spotted

American high-end memory manufacturer Mushkin has revealed that it is working on a new GeForce 8800 GT version, the 8800 GT G92 512 Mushkin HP Overclocked Edition v2. Mushkin has equipped the card with custom dual-slot cooler and 512MB GDDR3 memory clocked at 1900 MHz. The core frequency for this model has also been changed to 675MHz from the standard 600MHz. Other unique features come with the card's bundle, where you'll find a Mushkin T-shirt and USB flash drive with drivers. Expect HP Overclocked Edition 8800 GT v2 later this month for around 260 Euros.

Mushkin Announces XP-800AP 800W Power Supply Unit

Mushkin Inc. today upped the ante by adding the 800W XP-800AP power supply to its PSU line-up. The XP-800AP unit provides a comprehensive set of features including active PFC, 110-240V input, VersaPlug modular cabling, four PCIe cables with 6/8-pin adaptable connectors, user-selectable single +12V rail/quad +12V rail, 900W peak power, thermally controlled 135mm fan, 64A output at +12V, EPS 2.91 support, and industrial-grade components. The unit is backed by a generous 5-year limited warranty and Mushkin's industry-leading technical support personnel. You can buy it now directly from Mushkin for $185.81.

Mushkin Introduces Lots of New DDR2 Memory Kits

Mushkin Enhanced, today announced the immediate availability of the following new DDR2 memory kits:
  • 2x2GB DDR2-1000 XP2 Redline CL5-5-5-15 @ 2.1V
  • 2x2GB DDR2-1066 XP2 Series CL5-5-5-15 @ 2.1V
  • 4x2GB DDR2-800 XP2 Quad Kit CL4-4-4-12 @ 2.0-2.1V
  • 2x2GB DDR2-800 HP2 Series CL5-4-4-12 @ 1.8V
All Mushkin memory modules are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Mushkin to Enter Graphics Card Market

Memory and PSU manufacturer Mushkin Enhanced is reported to start offering video cards early next year. On January 10th, Mushkin is planning to release its first card, a GeForce 8800 GT that uses NVIDIA's reference design, but features higher clocks with the GPU set to be at 700MHz (stock speed: 600MHz). The card's bundle will include a flash drive with the required drivers, with no free games or software programs included.

Mushkin Enhances its DDR2 Line-up With New Limited Edition Memory Kits

Going undercover, memory manufacturer Mushkin Enhanced today released three new High Performance DDR2- 800 and 1066MHz DIMMs with special camouflage painted heatsinks. Ready for the Europian market and coming labeled as "limited edition", the 2GB Kit (2x 1GB) HP2-6400/800MHz (part number 996581) works with CL4-4-4-12 timings while the other new one - the 2GB Kit (2x 1GB) HP2-8500/1066MHz (996588) works at CL5-5-5-18. If 2GB memory does not satisfy you, Mushkin is also releaseing a 4GB (2x 2GB) HP2-6400/800MHz (996589) CL5-5-5-18 kit. All Mushkin products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Mushkin Announces Availability of EM/SP DDR3 Modules

Mushkin Inc., announced the availability of its EM3 and SP3 DDR3 modules. With standard latency and voltage specifications, the EM and SP product lines offer buyers superior compatibility and reliability."Our commitment to providing the highest quality products and raising the memory bar continues with our DDR3 offerings, providing a hassle-free and rewarding experience right out of the box for early adopters of DDR3 technology." said Brian Flood, Mushkin director of product development. The EM3 and SP3 modules are available worldwide in 1GB and 2GB single modules and 2GB (2x1GB) and 4GB (2x2GB) dual-channel kits. The EM3 series features Mushkin's FrostByte heatspreader which keeps the modules within safe operating temperatures. Like all Mushkin products, these modules are backed by a lifetime warranty and an industry-leading technical support staff.

Mushkin Announces XP2-6400 4-4-4 DDR2 eXtreme Performance Modules

Mushkin Inc., a global leader in high-performance computer products, today announced the release of the XP2-6400 4-4-4 modules available in 2GB single DIMMs (991580 2GB 4-4-4-12 2.0-2.1V) and 4GB dual-channel kits (996580 2x2GB 4-4-4-12 2.0-2.1V). Offering high density and speed, these modules are an ideal solution for gamers using the Windows Vista operating system. The XP2-6400 4-4-4 parts are immediately available through the web store and authorized resellers and distributors. Every module is hand-tested beyond its rated specification for superior reliability and overclockability. Like all Mushkin products, these modules are backed by a lifetime warranty and an industry-leading technical support staff.

Mushkin Launches DDR2-800 CL4 Modules

Mushkin Enhanced launched today new DDR2 PC6400 CL4 Standart Performance Plus DIMMs. The new memories are available in both 1GB Single (991567+) as well as 2GB Dual Channel kits (996567+) and are designed to operate at CL4-5-5-12 timings. The New Perfomance Plus modules also feature Mushkin's exclusive FrostByte heatspreaders.

Mushkin Announces DDR3-1333 CAS 6 Memory Kits

Mushkin today announced the availability of HP3-10666 DDR3 modules available in 1GB single DIMMs and 2GB dual-channel kits, part numbers 991574 and 996574 respectively. Sporting 6-7-6-18 latencies, the new DDR3 modules are designed to give high-bandwidth, low-latency performance for current and future 3D gaming platforms.
Many enthusiasts have expressed disappointment in the high standard latency values of DDR3. With the HP3-10666 modules, we have attained a CAS latency value that is a full 3 clock cycles below standard-rated DDR3-1333 DIMMs available on the market today, allowing for more efficient use of bandwidth.
said Brian Flood, Mushkin director of product development. The HP3-10666 modules will become available worldwide in the next few weeks through and its authorized resellers. Every module is hand-tested beyond its rated specification and features Mushkin's FrostByte heatspreader technology which keeps the modules within safe operating temperatures. Like all Mushkin products, the HP3-10666 modules are backed by a lifetime warranty and an industry-leading technical support staff.
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