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MSI Releases High C/P Value H57/H55 Series Mainboards

World-renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, MSI, today officially released H57/H55 Intel chipset products that offer outstanding performance, effective heat dissipation and remarkable power efficiency and stability. After installation of the 32nm Intel Core i5 and Core i3 processors with graphics cores integrated, ultra-strong display performance and outstanding multi-display capability complement MSI's exclusive OC Genie one-second overclocking technology. This enhances 3D performance by up to 45%, allowing smooth BD movie playback, and seize the advantage while gaming.

MSI H57/H55 Series mainboards with built-in industry leading OC Genie auto overclocking technology: Just press the OC Genie button on the mainboard and within one second; enjoy auto overclocking and an optimized processor. Memory module and chipset setting values give overall 3D performance a boost of up to 45%. Whether users want to watch a high bit-rate HD movie or go online for some head-to-head gaming, both can be enjoyed with image performance that is smoother and lag-free.

DFI Announces P45-ION-T2A2 Hybrid Motherboard Availability

Due to the serious issue of global warming, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, saving energy has become the responsibility of every global citizen. DFI is committed to developing energy saving products, not only to provide consumers a better platform, but also to do the best for the earth. Therefore, Hybrid platform was invented. Besides saving plenty of energy, Hybrid platform also brings consumers the benefits of time saving, space saving, and money saving. In addition, it is simple to use. Via a control panel, two systems can be easily switched and using condition can be known.

Hybrid platform, adopts the latest DFI patent technology. That is, a board combines a powerful platform of the current mainstream (P45 + ICH10R) and a green platform (NVIDIA ION). In other words, Hybrid has two platforms which operate completely independently. What is more, files can be shared between platforms. Through integrated hardware switch chips as well as network switch chips, Hybrid platform features a KVM and LAN switch on board. So Hybrid platform can be used with a monitor and keyboard/mouse, or with two sets of devices to work separately. This product will bring you the following four benefits.

DFI Mashes Two Systems into One, Rolls out Hybrid Motherboard

The term 'Hybrid' these days probably relates most to hybrid cars. DFI has taken the concept of two machines - a high-power one, and an energy-efficient one, to a whole new level with its Hybrid P45-ION-T2A2 socket LGA 775 motherboard. This motherboard literally packs two motherboards sharing a PCB: one P45+ICH10R based socket LGA-775 system, and another portion holding an Intel Atom processor powered by NVIDIA ION chipset. Each has its own memory and storage subsystems, and share the machine's IO (input devices and display) in a somewhat KVM-style. So even as the major system is busy playing games, transcoding media, or running other power-hungry tasks, the minor system is quietly running the downloads, playing music, etc. When the major system is not needed, the minor system provides enough juice for media consumption and internet browsing, and general productivity at a really low energy footprint. A pretty neat concept. DFI's engineers describe it further in this YouTube video.

Source: TweakTown

DFI Preparing Budget P45 Board

It appears DFI is preparing an update to its current Intel P45 based P45-T2RS board, called the Blood Iron P45-T2RS Elite. Although an update, the new board with its revised PCB layout and new LAN chip, drops from two PCI-E x16 slots to one, in favour of a third PCI-E x1 slot. Despite being a budget board, it has been said that speeds in excess of 600 FSB are easily attainable. Like most other P45 based boards, the Blood Iron P45-T2RS Elite will support LGA775 Processors ranging from 800 to 1333 FSB, 4 DDR2 slots for up to 8 GB of 1066 MHz, 6 SATAII ports, 12 USB 2.0 ports, legacy support for IDE and floppy, 8CH HD audio via a Realtek ALC885 chip, 1 Gigabit LAN port via a JMC250 chip, a Software Debug LED and on board power and reset switches.
BIOS voltage tweaks include, Vdimm, Vnb, Vcore, Vsb, VHT, and then the usual adjustments for FSB in 1 MHz increments and CPU multiplier. It is also said that DFI have fixed the issue of automatic shutdown while overclocking and that mass production will start next week.

ASUS Intros P5Q PRO Turbo and P5Q Turbo Motherboards with Xtreme Phase Power Design

ASUS, the world leader in motherboard production, has released the new P5Q PRO Turbo and P5Q Turbo motherboards. These motherboards are the new models in ASUS’ reputable P45-based P5Q Series and feature a unique Xtreme Phase Power Design to provide exceptional power efficiency. These motherboards are also exclusively equipped with the TurboV and Turbo Key features for easy overclocking options, plus the ASUS EPU and Express Gate functions to let users enjoy unprecedented performance, power savings and instant fun all rolled into one.

ASUS and Gigabyte Overstocked with Intel 4-series Chipset Inventories

Weak market demand, a market saturated with low-cost PCs, and intra-brand competition has reportedly led to first-tier motherboard vendors such as ASUS and Gigabyte to suffer overstock of their Intel 4-series chipset motherboard inventories. The Intel 4-series chipset is the fourth generation of desktop chipsets for LGA-775 processors. It includes popular models such as P45, P43, the mainstream G45, G43 and G41, and others that include Q45, B45 and B43. Motherboards made by leading companies have had less than expected market demand. Earlier in September last year, when ASUS announced price-cuts for its 4-series motherboards, reported back then to make them "competitive", sources tell DigiTimes that the company was already facing swelling inventories.

As a result of this, the biggest loser seems to be ASUS, with a swelling inventory of 6~7 million units, valued at around $180 million, followed by Gigabyte holding an inventory worth around $130 million, which are quickly depreciating in value as the market gets closer to the launch of Intel's 5-series chipsets and the Ibex-Peak platform. With Intel planning to stick to its launch-schedule for its newest platform, motherboard vendors can only hope for Intel to reconsider its plans, delay its launch, and allow the inventories to get digested.Source: DigiTimes

DFI LANParty Unveils New DDR3 Motherboard “DK P45-T3RSB Plus”

The LANParty (DFI) P45 series has received numerous favorable comments. It is no matter whether we speak of the DK P45-T2RS and DK P45-T2RS Plus which have created a new Super Pi world record, or the most powerful microATX mainboard JR P45-T2RS which has created excellent achievements in DDR2 platform.
LANParty will release the DK P45-T3RSB Plus with DDR3 supports in November which inherits the circuit design of three former star products, providing more choices of mainboards for fans.

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