Thursday, October 30th 2008

DFI LANParty Unveils New DDR3 Motherboard “DK P45-T3RSB Plus”

The LANParty (DFI) P45 series has received numerous favorable comments. It is no matter whether we speak of the DK P45-T2RS and DK P45-T2RS Plus which have created a new Super Pi world record, or the most powerful microATX mainboard JR P45-T2RS which has created excellent achievements in DDR2 platform.
LANParty will release the DK P45-T3RSB Plus with DDR3 supports in November which inherits the circuit design of three former star products, providing more choices of mainboards for fans.

For game fans, the DK P45-T3RSB Plus has two PCIE slots. It supports the Crossfire function completely that provides optimized 3D operation; the Realtek ALC885 8-channel audio chip provides the true to life listening experience; 6-phase full digital PWM and solid-state capacitor design guarantee stability when you play games; the dual-channel DDR3 and ABS automatic overclocking function enables you to enjoy the best performance in the easiest way.
For advanced overclocking fans, LANParty also retains various considerate functions for them, e.g. the “Debug LED” for which you can check the system status; the “EZ Jumper” that can reset BIOS settings quickly; large capacity BIOS that can save four OC profiles; on board Power/ Reset buttons and the Genie BIOS with “Advanced/ Easy” modes, improving the overclocking potential considerably.

DK P45-T3RSB Plus provides one Gigabit LAN interface, 12 USB 2.0 connectors, one IDE slot and 8 SATA slots. Besides its utility for gaming and overclocking, it is also a qualified multimedia platform. The DK P45-T3RSB Plus is provided for you to challenge extremes and enjoy multimedia entertainment.

DK P45-T3RSB Plus Profile
  • Heat-pipe thermal system for PWM & Northbridge
  • Intel P45 with ICH10R
  • Intel LGA 775 Core2 Extreme/ Quad/ Duo
  • Supports DDR3 1333MHz (2000MHz in O.C mode)
  • FSB supports up to 1333MHz
  • Genie BIOS with various BIOS setting for extreme performance
  • Auto Boost System (ABS): upgrade your CPU automatically
  • AMD ATI CrossFire ready
ABS is “two-step” over-clocking software. Simply install the software, reboot the computer, press to improve FSB frequency (200MHz>266MHz; 266MHz>333MHz; 333MHz>400MHz), and your CPU will be upgraded automatically! With ABS, you can enjoy the performance of the hi-end CPU at the entry-level cost. Source: DFI
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4 Comments on DFI LANParty Unveils New DDR3 Motherboard “DK P45-T3RSB Plus”

Nice to finally something official from DFI on this board, rumors were that it was supposed to come out in September, others have known about it for months or longer. All in all happy to hear something about it, just wish I could work with the Award BIOS that DFI uses, too much time on ASUS.
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nice looking board, i'm getting a DFI DK P45 or a DK X48 but with DDR2 support soon. Will be doing an black/orange theme :D
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Would be nice if it will support up to 1600 FSB
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yeh , i like dfi cuz it have extreme overclock , and if you see it is ddr3 /1333 overclock to 2000 , and i see other mobo's have 1600 or 1800 overclock to 2000
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