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Koolance Launches the EXC-800 Portable 800W Recirculating Liquid Chiller

The new portable liquid chiller from Koolance, dubbed EXC-800, is rated at 800W or 2730 BTU/hr (@25°C liquid & ambient) and it makes use of Koolance's well known PMP-500 pump, with a maximum coolant output from the unit of 11L/min (2.9 gal/min) and 7.5m (24.6ft) of static head. The chiller control is based on one of four configurable temperature methods, including the option to lock liquid to ambient for avoiding condensation, or to an external K-type thermocouple sensor (not included). Along with the local temperatures and user set-point, EXC-800 can report internal coolant flow rate, pump RPM, and condenser fan RPM on a customizable 2-line OLED display. An adjustable relay trigger output on the rear of the unit is available based on temperature. The EXC-800 can be ordered from Koolance's web shop where it is listed at $1400.

Cooler Master Intros USNA95 Notebook and Consumer Electronics Power Supply

Cooler Master released the USNA95, which stands for universal slim notebook adapter 95W. This is a compact notebook power brick that comes with a wide range of compatibility to most notebooks in the market, packing 9 manufacturer-specific DC connectors. The unit measures 104 x 62 x 17 mm. Apart from running/charging notebooks, USNA95 can also power USB-charged devices such as PMPs, mobile phones, and Sony PSP. Functionality aside, the USNA95 bagged this year's iF product design award. Backed by a 3-year warranty, Cooler Master's USNA95 will be available soon for around 65 EUR.

PhotoFast Unveils 1.8-inch G-Monster V2 IDE SSDs

PhotoFast announced two 1.8-inch IDE solid-state drives under its G-Monster series. The two are demarcated by the interface, although both are IDE technically. The G-Monster 50 IDE V2 uses a 50-pin IDE interface, while the G-Monster 1.8" ZIF V2 uses a zero insertion-force IDE interface that's commonly found in portable devices such as PMPs, HD video cameras, etc. Both come in capacities of 32, 64, 128 GB, and offer transfer rates of 80/50 MB/s (read/write). The drives offer an MTBF of 1 million hours and are backed by a 1 year company warranty. Although there isn't anything spectacular about SSDs with sub-100 MB/s transfer-rates with the IDE interface, the durability of the drives over conventional hard-drives, especially for the kind of devices they end up in, may be their biggest selling points.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

HiFiMan Sets HM-801 PMP on Charitable Pre-order

HiFiMan has come up with a new high-fidelity portable media player, the HM-801. Unlike consumer-ended product appearance and feature-sets of PMPs such as Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune or Creative Zen, this one sits in its niche of audiophile products, emphasizing on audio output quality and support for high-bitrate lossless audio formats.

To begin with, the HM-801 uses a unit design that is uncompromising from a sound perspective, featuring a modular amplifier section and the highly regarded Burr-Brown PCM1704 DAC capable of 24-bit/96 KHz. That, coupled with the OPA627 Op-Amps, which have quite the reputation among audiophiles, is bound to give you world class sound quality on the move. Supported audio formats include WMA (including Pro and Lossless), MP3, FLAC, AAC, Ogg-Vorbis, and WAV (PCM,MS-ADPCM,IMA-ADPCM). Its storage is care of an SDHC slot, that will support SDHC cards with capacities as high as the standard supports.

The HiFiMAN PMP also features an analogue and digital line out (via coaxial SPDIF) so that you can feed your portable DAC or amplifier with a good signal. Uncompromising sound quality on the move is bound to cost big bucks and the HiFiMAN is also quite costly at $700, which is $600 at launch due to discounts that include donating $10 per purchase to audiophile website The bigger charity of course would be that you are getting this with $100 off. And this is even without a memory solution you have to buy the SDHC card yourself.

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