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Glorious PC Gaming Race Unveils the Model O- Mouse Weighing 58 Grams

The race for the ultralight-weight mouse is on, and all seem to adopt the honeycomb cutout design too. After Glorious PC Gaming Race impressed us heavily with their Model O mouse that came in ~67-68 grams, we saw Cooler Master's MM710 shown off at Computex this year rated at under 53 grams! While neither company was the first to use this design, the MM710 is still another 1.5 months away from retail release and the the former saw a window to release their new Model O- mouse at Quakecon last week.

The Model O- ("Minus") is a smaller version of the Model O, and otherwise will come in all four variants of color and finish options the Model O does. It is rated at 58 grams (matte finish, 59 for the glossy finish) without the cable, 1.5-3 mm smaller in all dimensions relative to the Model O, features the same internal guts with the excellent Pixart PMW3360 optical sensor, and is now up for pre-order at the same $49.99 on their website. If you felt you wanted a smaller mouse that was even lighter, there is now another option for you to choose from. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on having a more exposed mouse chassis in the quest of mass reduction as well.

Tecware at Computex 2019: Spectre Pro Mechanical Keyboard and Professional Gaming Mice

While visiting with Tecware at Computex 2019, we caught a glimpse of their peripheral lineup, which included a new keyboard dubbed the Spectre PRO and three professional gaming mice dubbed the Impulse PRO, Vector PRO, and Torque PRO.

Starting with the keyboard, the Spectre PRO is a standard 104-key layout design that unlike its competitors comes with modular switch sockets for easy switch replacement with Tecware going so far as to include the tools for the job in the box. When it comes to the switches themselves, they are Outemu Red, Blue, and Brown switches. Other features include 11 multimedia keys and a volume adjustment knob. Macro recording and custom profiling are also built in as well. In terms of build quality, the Spectre PRO impressed when it comes to the keycaps as they were double-shot ABS and had a nice solid feel. Meanwhile the RGB lighting was quite well done too with support for per key customization along with 18 pre-set lighting modes and 11 under glow lighting modes. As with any gaming keyboard, N-key rollover is supported as well.

Benq Introduces Two Zowie Mice Models: EC1-B And EC2-B

Benq Zowie have introduced two new mice to their lineup, in the form of the EC1-B And EC2-B. These are gaming-oriented mice, and the proximity in their naming nomenclature isn't by accident: the only thing these mice differ in is size. The EC2-B has a rated "M" size, whereas the EC1-B should be more adequate for users with somewhat bigger hands, as it's rated a size "L". The two mice feature the top of the line Pixart PMW3360A sensor, but lack any of the integrated software capabilities of other mice.

As a result, these mice are truly plug and play; but due to the lack of software, users can switch only between 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 DPI through the integrated button. Which is, strangely, located in the bottom of the mice (accompanied by the polling rate button - 125, 500 and 1000 Hz - and indicator LEDs), which will make it harder for users who want to be able to adjust DPI speed on the fly. There will also be a CS:GO branded version of these, which forego the black finish and Zowie logo on the base models for a silver-blue coloring, and a gold CS:GO counter-terrorist icon. Pricing is expected to be around the $90 mark.

COUGAR Announces Two New Flagship FPS Gaming Mice - Minos X5 and Revenger S

COUGAR announces today the arrival to international markets of its two new FPS gaming mice: Revenger S and Minos X5. This pair of gaming input devices is the result of years of research, optimization and field testing with the single goal of helping gamers unleash all their gaming skills.

These two mice share the same powerful entrails, packing within themselves everything a gamer can ask for. The first piece of this dream configuration is the Pixart PMW3360 sensor, a piece of technology that has already become a byword for accuracy and one-to-one tracking. Building on that excellent base is COUGAR's fine-tuned electronic specifications and structure that grant both mice the ability to work with a 2000 Hz polling rate. This combination of specs is at the heart of these mice's superiority: The optical accuracy of the PMW3360 allows gamers to bring all their prowess to the game, while the 2000Hz refresh rate sends updated input data twice as fast as most competitors. Accuracy and fast response meet in a lethal combination that potentially allows gamers to react twice as fast as their rivals using non-2000 Hz mice.
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