Wednesday, October 7th 2020

SPC Gear Announces LIX and LIX Plus Onyx White Gaming Mouse

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents the new Onyx White version of its ultra-light gaming mice LIX Plus and LIX. The name LIX has its origins in Roman and stands for the number 59, which in turn stands for the total weight of mere 59 grams of the featherlight gaming mice. SPC Gear has developed both the LIX Plus Onyx White and the LIX Onyx White for games that require quick response times, high speeds and precise directional changes. This is realized by utilizing the Pixart PMW3360 on the LIX Plus Onyx White and the Pixart PMW3325 sensor on the LIX Onyx White. Both are also equipped with TPFE mouse skates to enable lightning-fast movements and Omron switches to ensure that players' actions are executed with the appropriate speed. The lightweight is due to the special honeycomb design of the mouse shell, which also cools the hand.

The Onyx White version of the LIX Plus and LIX gaming mice uses the proven honeycomb design of the series and blends the mouse as well as the sleeved Paracord cables in elegant white color. The fully addressable RGB lighting is implemented in the LIX Onyx White models and offers a vast variety of color choices and effects. Gamers are able to customize the lighting for the scroll wheel, the chassis and the SPC Gear logo inside the structure separated according to their liking. It is also possible to assign separate colors and effects to the individual profiles, allowing the users to immediately see which profile is currently active.
Ultra-light and lightning fast
With a total weight of 59 grams, the LIX Onyx White Gaming Mice are among the lightest on the market. These featherweight mice also need a sensor that can cope with high speeds. For this reason, the LIX Plus uses the Pixart PMW3360 sensor and the LIX is equipped with the Pixart PMW3325 sensor. These are capable of precise scanning at speeds of up to 6,35 m/s, 2.54 m/s respectively. Such speeds can only be achieved with extremely low friction in a gaming mouse, which is why SPC Gear uses TPFE mouse skates. Omron switches ensure that the player's actions are executed with the appropriate speed. Gamers can set the precision from 200 to 12,000 DPI for the LIX Plus Onyx White and from 200 to 8.000 DPI for the LIX Onyx White.

Protection against dust and dirt
The honeycomb structure keeps the hand cool and reduces the overall weight. To protect the mouse from external influences such as dust and dirt, the LIX Onyx White Gaming Mice are equipped with a special protective coating. This solution offers sufficient protection against moisture as well as dust particles.

Customization options
A particularly important component is the software which allows the configuration of the mouse to the user's specific needs. SPC Gear offers comprehensive software that covers a lot of settings, including the remapping of each of the six buttons. Profile customization is also a must for demanding gamers and is fully covered by the software. In addition to that, users are able to adjust the sensitivity from 200 to 12,000 DPI for the LIX Plus Onyx White. The addressable RGB lighting with the individual zones can also be configured conveniently using the SPC Gear software.

The SPC Gear LIX Onyx White and LIX Plus Onyx White are available from today at online stores and retailers.

Both models are backed by 2-year warranties. The LIX Plus Onyx White is priced at 44€, and the LIX Onyx White at 32€.
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wOw....They just need to drill out a few moar holes, and they would have the world's 1st "near zero-G" rodent, hahaha :roll:

Oh wait, I know.... just install a cloaking device that hides everything but the buttons and we'll be all set !

Personally, I like a little heft in my rodentia, that way I know I have something meaningful & useful in my hand, but that's just me !
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