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DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Trailer Outed, Coming This October

The first big DLC of 2020's bright spots, "DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One" will release on 20th October, 2020, and will be available to holders of the Year One Season Pass. id Software posted the first full-length trailer of the DLC, which serves as an extension of the original's campaign. The fall of the Khan Makyr has imbalanced creation. Doomguy along with his Makyr ally, the Seraphim, has to fight his way back to Urdak to restore the balance of power. On his way, he will face new horrors as the trailer reveals.

We spy several new levels across the four worlds - the Earth, Hell, the Sentinel homeworld, and Urdak. There are several new enemies, including the summoner, which makes a comeback from DOOM (2016), but completely changed from the Archvile. It now possesses, heals, and possibly buffs demons in an arena. There's a new Makyr heavy which we put in the same category as the DOOM Hunter. A scene also shows us resurrect a Titan of Hell. Do we finally get to use the mech inside the Fortress of DOOM? Find out this October.
The trailer follows.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One Teased

Bethesda over the weekend posted a teaser to the very first expansion of DOOM Eternal, one of 2020's brighter spots. Titled "The Ancient Gods, Part One," (which indicates more parts); the DLC is an expansion of the original's campaign, and appears to pick off from it. Urdak (a dimension that's compared to Heaven) is in tatters and swarming with demons following the events of "Eternal," and Doomguy is resurrected by Father (creator of the universe) to clean it up. The teaser features a monologue by Father that sounds an awful lot like Vega. "Am I the Father?" were its last words as it was consumed by Urdak's computers. The 30-second teaser shows us an Urdak-like locale, demons with a new blue buff, possibly as they're resurrected by the summoner (which makes a comeback from DOOM (2016)). We also see a new more formidable makyr heavy enemy than the walking piñatas from "Eternal." Beth will post an extended trailer on August 27, at Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2020.
The teaser follows.

id Software Backpedals on Doom Eternal Denuvo DRM Retrofit

Someone at Bethesda or id Software thought it was a good idea to retrofit "Doom Eternal" with the vastly unpopular Denuvo DRM as an anti-cheat component, two months following its March launch, as part of "Update 1" (a major game patch). This invited the wrath of gamers as they review-bombed the game on Steam. The game's executive producer Marty Stratton took to Reddit, to announce that Denuvo will be removed in the game's next update (without announcing a timeline), while defending it. Stratton maintains that the performance issues noticed in Update 1 are not related to the Denuvo implementation. If you've read our comprehensive review of Denuvo, where we go into the technical aspects of the DRM solution, you'll know that it can be implemented in a number of ways, some of which inflict performance penalties.
Image Courtesy Modern Vintage Gamer

Quake II RTX Updated with More Sharper Textures and Better Lighting Effects

NVIDIA today released a major update to Quake II RTX that add even more eye-candy to the game, leveraging RTX. Quake II RTX, promoted by NVIDIA, is a playable tech-demo for its RTX real-time ray-tracing technology that's based on a classic 3D game so it runs on nearly all DXR-compatible graphics cards (GeForce GTX 10-series, 16-series, and RTX 20-series). It comes with id Software's shareware 1st episode content, although you can add your own licensed game data for the full game.

With version 1.2, NVIDIA added support for a boatload of modern technology, beginning with support for dynamic resolution scaling. Much like watching online videos with resolution toggle set to "auto" (which adjusts resolution based on your Internet bandwidth), dynamic resolution scaling adjusts the rendering resolution of your game on the fly in pursuit of a frames-per-second target. NVIDIA also remastered several textures of the game, increasing texture detail. Over 400 textures have been redone by NVIDIA, adding detail. Support is added for multiple reflection/refraction bounces, which makes it possible to create a "hall of mirrors" effect. NVIDIA implemented light shafts or god rays throughout the game, including underwater light shafts. Light shafts also get reflected off certain metal or glass surfaces. NVIDIA also improved the AI denoiser for the game. Metal and glass surfaces are made to appear more photo-real thanks to denoiser improvements. Find many other technical changes in the official change-log below.

DOOM Eternal Delayed to March 2020

In heartbreaking news to slayers prepping for the hotly anticipated addition to the franchise, DOOM Eternal, id Software announced that the game's release has been delayed to the 20th of March, 2020, from its earlier 22nd November 2019 release. In its announcement, id Software put quality-assurance as the main reason behind the delay. The developer assured gamers that the game will be worth the additional 5 months of wait. id also announced a few updates, namely Invasion Mode, a gameplay mode that allows you to "invade" another player's game as a playable demon, a Nintendo Switch version that follows the other platforms, and the availability of DOOM 64 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

DOOM Eternal to Also Support Raytracing

In another iD Software game supporting ray tracing (we already know Wolfenstein: Young Blood will support it), id Software's Marty Stratton confirmed that DOOM Eternal will also support the graphics technology. In what capacity, it is unclear as of yet; whether for a global illumination solution, like Metro: Exodus, or just for reflections and shadows like most games seem to be using, is unknown at this point. Looking back at how the "original" DOOM looked, and considering changes to graphics technologies under the new iD Tech 7 engine, however, DOOM Eternal really is looking to be one of the best looking games - at least on the PC platform.

As Marty Stratton put it, "RTX makes it look, you know, amazing. There are great benefits but it doesn't necessarily expand our audience or that the way that the way that something like Stadia does so, but absolutely people can look forward to DOOM Eternal and id Tech 7 supporting ray tracing. Absolutely. I mean we love that stuff, the team loves it and I think we'll do it better than anybody honestly."

Google Announces Stadia Cloud Gaming Service at GDC 2019

We knew this was coming, especially after Google's teaser from earlier this month. Project Stream was a proof-of-concept in collaboration with Ubisoft, to see whether AAA gaming was possible over the internet. Things were smooth most of the time in our own experience, but there remained questions over how the concept would translate over to a finished product, especially with infrastructure challenges on the client side of things. Google's keynote at GDC just wrapped up, and the main focus was Stadia- the now named cloud gaming service borne out of Project Stream.

Stadia is built with instant access in mind. An example demo came in the form of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which was used in the public test before. It is integrated with partner YouTube channels such that a trailer for a supported game would have an option to play said game, which would then launch immediately. Stadia is built with support from a wide partner network including AMD, Unity, id Software, and more, with details seen past the break.

Quake II Reimagined with Ray-tracing on Vulkan

Christoph Schied reimagined the 1990s cult-classic "Quake II" with real-time ray-tracing, using the Vulkan API and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-series hardware exposing the "VK_NV_ray_tracing" extension. Called "Q2VKPT," this game based on id Software's open-source Quake II code, implemented real-time path-tracing to make the lighting more physically accurate. NVIDIA expanded on Schied's work with "Quake II RTX," which is possibly the world's first game that is fully real-time ray-traced.

This NVIDIA rendition of Q2VKPT leverages NVIDIA's RTX for Vulkan to ensure all lighting, shadows, reflections, and other visual effects are ray-traced and denoised using NVIDIA's AI-accelerated denoiser. Unless it somehow scored higher-resolution texture assets from id Software, NVIDIA could also be using a GPU-accelerated upscaler to improve texture resolution. It's also possible that ambient-occlusion methods such as HBAO+ are in play to add apparent geometric detail to some of the surfaces in the game. NVIDIA hasn't made Quake II RTX public yet, although you could take the path-traced Q2VKPT for a spin. You'll need an RTX 20-series graphics card and the latest drivers.

Bethesda Announces Doom Eternal At QuakeCon 2018 - Reveals Screenshots, Story Snapshot, Trailer

Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel to the award-winning and best-selling DOOM (2016). Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power as you rip-and-tear your way across dimensions with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat. Powered by idTech 7 and set to an all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, DOOM Eternal puts you in control of the unstoppable DOOM Slayer as you blow apart new and classic demons with powerful weapons in unbelievable and never-before-seen worlds.

Bethesda Announces "Wolfenstein: Youngblood" for 2019

Bethesda Software announced the next entry to its 2010s reboot of the iconic "Wolfenstein" franchise, titled "Youngblood." The game is slated for 2019. Apparently, BJ Blazkowicz and Anya have twin daughters, who BJ raises to be badasses like himself, to take the fight to the Nazis in Europe, 19 years after the events of "The New Colossus." The reveal trailer depicts two female protagonists with a heavy Southern US accent, beginning their quest in 1980s Paris. It's the age of the microcassette and early Techno. The same team that put together the past three "Wolfenstein" titles is working on this one, with Bethesda/Zenimax as the publishers, Machine Games the development studio, and IDTech 6 being the underlying technology.
The reveal trailer follows.

Bethesda Releases Gameplay Trailer for RAGE 2

Mankind is in peril. In the decades following an asteroid's devastation, most of the earth has become an unforgiving wildland where bloodthirsty factions vie for control of precious resources. Pockets of civilization have emerged to claim their space in the world, but the tentative peace they've established is being threatened. RAGE 2 follows Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland, as he fights to survive the chaos of the dystopian world into which he was born. With a wide array of weapons, vehicles and strange powers, Walker sets off to take down the tyrannical Authority. Get your first look at the insane action in the worldwide gameplay reveal trailer below and check out the live action teaser released on May 14 here. RAGE 2 will be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019.

The Open-World Shooterverse
It's the perfect mix: id Software's first-person shooter pedigree, Avalanche Studios' mastery of the open world sandbox, with a healthy dose of pedal-to-the-metal vehicle combat. From the swamplands and jungles where enemies lurk among the dense foliage, to the open deserts where a passing car is more likely to mow you down than offer you a ride, the world of RAGE 2 is not a gentle, nurturing place. The people who have survived in this landscape have had to learn to protect themselves and keep their heads on a swivel, especially with the reemergence of a familiar menace.

Upcoming Quake Champions Update Brings New Character and Game Modes

Quake Champions continues to grow and evolve in Early Access thanks to new content, features, and improvements driven by feedback from the community. Next Thursday, 15th March, id Software will roll out the next big free update for Quake Champions, delivering new ways to play and fun new looks. This will include the return of Instagib - the first new game mode added since closed beta - the introduction of 'No Abilities Mode' in custom games; a new 2v2 version of Ranked Play for competitive players and a variety of fresh seasonal cosmetics to commemorate the coming of Spring.

Quake Champions to Receive Largest Update to Date

id Software has continued to update and improve Quake Champions throughout Early Access based on the feedback and requests of the player community. This week on Dec. 14, Quake Champions will receive one of its largest updates to date, delivering new content and features including a new Champion, Keel, who returns from Quake 3 Arena and Quake Live; a new arena for Duel and 2v2, Vale of Pnath; Ranked Play and Leaderboards; plus a ton of festive, holiday-themed gear and maps for a limited time.

Test Your Mettle - Quake Champions Large-Scale Test Starts May 12

If you are feeling nostalgic or want to see what all the fuss was about regarding those legendary Quake games, id Software has you covered. In looking for extra knowledge on how to fine-tune its game and servers, the game developer is asking that you sign up for the challenge, which you can do on the game's website. Even though there has been a closed beta already for close to a month, if you didn't make it, now is your chance.

The tech test will start on May 12 and run through May 21, during which time you'll be able to play anytime throughout the testing period. In the game, you'll find three game modes the Beta testers have already driven into their minds and quick trigger fingers - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Duel. However, id Software is debuting another, fourth mode, Sacrifice, which pits two teams with four players each. Expect some nuances on the details of this game mode's workings, but if an image is worth a thousand words, a trek through the game should be worth slightly more than that.

id Software Talks AMD Ryzen, Hints at Heavily Optimized New Game Engine

id Software, the pioneering game studio behind "Doom" and "Quake," in a marketing video about how its developers and gamers are benefiting from AMD Ryzen processors, hinted that it is working on a new next-generation game engine that succeeds idTech 6, which is heavily optimized for AMD Ryzen processors. id CTO Robert Duffy spoke at length about how Ryzen is putting more CPU capabilities in the hands of gamers at attractive price-points, which is letting game developers add that much more content and production design that benefits from this level of parallelism and performance.

The most interesting part about Duffy's comment comes later in the video, where he talks about a new game engine that id is working on, which will be "far more parallel than idTech 6" (far more multi-core and multi-thread friendly), and that it will be able to consume "all of the CPU [compute power] that Ryzen can offer." Duffy also confirmed that "Quake Champions," the studio's upcoming online hero-based FPS, will be optimized for both Ryzen and Radeon Vega.
The video follows.

id Software Readies Quake Champions with Vulkan Support and Ryzen Optimization

With the success of Blizzard's "Overwatch," it's only natural for game studio Bethesda to develop the oldest, most successful hero-based FPS brand from the early 2000s, "Quake III Arena," into a brand-new title that keeps up with the times, and perhaps even sets new standards. That title is "Quake Champions," and Bethesda is tapping into big id Software talent in its development.

"Quake Champions" will by driven by a proprietary engine that's not id Tech 6. This game will take advantage of the Vulkan API, besides an OpenGL fallback, and as part of an agreement between Bethesda and AMD, it could feature optimization for AMD Ryzen processors. "Quake Champions" will build on the things that made Quake III Arena a cult-classic, besides featuring a cutting-edge production design. Besides PC, the game will launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

The Carmack-ZeniMax Odyssey Carries On - Carmack Files $22.5 Million Lawsuit

Tough breakups aren't easy by definition, and the breakup between legendary programmer John Carmack and former employer ZeniMax has probably been one of the most worded of all. Now, Oculus Chief Technology Officer John Carmack has filed a lawsuit against ZeniMax for $22.5 million, money he claims ZeniMax still owes him from id Softwares' $150 million sale to ZeniMax back in 2009. Carmack says the amount he is filling for is part of the $45 million owed to him for the sale, of which he has already been able to convert 22.5 million (the non-missing half) in ZeniMax shares. However, Carmack says ZeniMax is unlawfully withholding the remaining $22.5 million because of "sour grapes".

Carmack claims ZeniMax is holding back the payment as payback for "a series of allegations regarding claimed violations of Mr. Carmack's Employment Agreement", referencing the Zenimax/Facebook lawsuit over the supposed theft of trade secrets. However, Oculus was recently found not guilty of stealing trade secrets, though the court ordered the company to pay $500 million for copyright infringement, false designation and the violation of Palmer Luckey's NDA. Oculus is appealing the case, calling the prior ruling "legally flawed and factually unwarranted."

John Carmack Left iD Software Because He Couldn't Work on Virtual Reality

Most of you are familiar with the name John Carmack. For those who may not be, he's the legendary game developer and engineer who was one of the four founders of iD software and the creator of classic genre establishing games such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. If you play any first-person shooters on your PC you can add Mr. Carmack to the list of people to thank for that

After 20 some years with iD Software, Carmack became very interested in the advances of virtual reality after iD released its latest game Rage, especially with Oculus VR's Oculus Rift headset, and last August signed on to be the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) over at Oculus VR. At the time, he was splitting his time between Oculus VR and id Software. In November of 2013, Carmack left iD Software to devote all his time to working with virtual reality at Oculus VR.

Doom 3 BFG Edition Announcement Trailer Posted

For all those who missed the 2004 cult classic Doom 3, Bethesda and id are remastering it for today's gaming platforms (widescreen PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3). Called Doom 3 BFG Edition, the new title includes the entire back catalogue of the Doom franchise, plus Doom 3 (main and Resurrection of Evil) with added levels, that's remastered (our wishlist includes higher resolution textures, improved special effects, tessellation maps, and EAX 4-like sound effects over software). What's more, the perspective will finally be optimized for 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen displays.

Bethesda and id will detail the title further at E3. For now, check out the groovy trailer after the break.

Wolfenstein 3D Celebrates 20th Anniversary with a Browser Edition

This month is the 20th Anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D. To celebrate id Software and Bethesda have given us all a free browser-based version of its seminal shooter. John Carmack has also given a director's commentary, full of the usual fascinating Carmackchat. You can play the snazzy HTML 5 version of Wolf 3D if you're browsing in Firefox 10, Chrome 16, Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, or newer. Fingers crossed that your work computer is updated vaguely frequently. id Software got distracted by Doom and Quake after the release of a Wolf 3D prequel, but the series returned in 2001 with Return to Castle Wolfenstein from Grey Matter and Nerve Software. Splash Damage followed this with the superb free multiplayer spin-off Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, then the last entry in the series was Raven's Wolfenstein in 2009. The iOS version is also going temporarily free in the App Store some time later today. Here is the Link

Doom 4 First Screenshots Leaked?

Despite the less than mind-blowing title Rage, gamers who have been around long enough have come to know not to take id Software and its upcoming games lightly, especially if they're from one of its star franchises such as Doom and Quake. AllGamesBeta posted what it claims to be leaked screenshots of Doom 4, which it also goes on to claim as being "doomed" (cancelled), citing rumors. Close to two dozen of these screenshots can be found at the source. They reveal what [could have been] the setting of Doom 4, probably of the horrors unleashed on Mars (in Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil) finding their way to Earth.

Anno 2070's Draconian DRM: Guru3D's Graphics Card Review Killed Off

Anno 2070's Draconian DRM: Guru3D's Graphics Card Review Killed Off (UPDATED)

Hilbert Hagedoorn of well-known PC tech review site recently bought a copy of Ubisoft's Anno 2070 and wanted to use it in one of his graphics card reviews. However, he became badly unstuck. This game comes on the Steam platform and the store page states: "3rd-party DRM: Solidshield Tages SAS 3 machine activation limit". Unfortunately for Guru3D, they found out exactly what this means, which resulted in just one performance graph, an aborted review, an unplayable game - and bad publicity for Ubisoft once again. They have published an article about their experience, pledging not to use their titles again because of this DRM.

AMD Rushes Out Catalyst Rage Performance Driver

AMD introduced a special BETA Catalyst driver for AMD Radeon graphics processors, that improves performance on the latest title from FPS pioneer id Software, Rage. Bluntly called the "Catalyst Rage Performance Driver", this driver has been rushed in by AMD to address performance issues. It provides "signifacant performance gains" for Rage in both single GPU and CrossFire configurations. The improvements are effective only on Radeon HD 5000 series and Radeon HD 6000 series graphics processors, and is available only for Windows 7.

DOWNLOAD: AMD Catalyst Rage Performance Driver for Windows 7

id Software Creates id Mobile Subdivision

id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment have announced that they have come together to create a new division of id Software, simply called id Mobile. The two developers have previously worked together on Orcs & Elves, Orcs & Elves II and Doom RPG. Orcs & Elves was the 2006 Interactive Achievement Awards Mobile Game of the Year. Fountainhead Entertainment Founder and former Director of Business Development at id Software, Katherine Anna Kang, will serve as president of id Mobile. The studio will develop games for cell phones and portables such as DS and PSP. Currently in the pipeline at id Mobile is a mobile version of Wolfenstein as well as a follow-up to the successful Doom RPG.
id Mobile is poised to shake up the emerging mobile gaming space.
said Katherine Anna Kang, president, id Mobile.

Avary Dishes on Wolfenstein Film

In a recent interview with Ain't It Cool News, Avary gave the first details on his upcoming "guys on a mission" WWII action film. Acknowledging the complaint many gamers have concerning the treatment of their beloved game franchises, Avary noted that while the movie will still be about "blowing s*** up, storming bunkers, busting dams, derailing trains, and killing Nazis," it won't strictly adhere to the game's plot.

"Whenever someone whines to me about breaking canon...I remind them that the original book, video game, or poem will ALWAYS exist in its original form for their enjoyment, but that a movie has special needs and compromises that occur due to a variety of real-world constrictions," said Avary. He went on to emphasize that it is more important to be true to the spirit of the character and franchise than it is to adhere to the game's plot.
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