A-DATA DDR2 1066+ 2 GB Kit Review 2

A-DATA DDR2 1066+ 2 GB Kit Review

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From the Manufacturer A-DATA:
  • Suitable for: Desktop PC
  • 240 Pin Unbuffered-DIMM non-ECC
  • Configuration: 64Mx8
  • Bandwidth: 8.5GB/Sec (PC2 8500)
  • Timings: 5-5-5-15-2T
  • Voltage: 2.2V~2.3V
  • Supports nVIDIA EPP Technology
  • Suggested Platform: Intel 975X、P965(*); AMD AM2 (nForce 590 SLI)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
  • * For Asus P5B Series mobos, BIOS Settings "Write to Precharge Delay" should be set to 12+.


We did not receive the memory in a retail package, that's why we are showing you the A-DATA Vitesta DDR2-800 package here, the 1066+ package will be similar.

The memory modules come with the typical red Vitesta heatspreader which dissipates some heat of the memory chips. Even during overclocking the memory modules do not get very warm, so this cooling is absolutely sufficient.

After carefully removing the heatspreader we can see that eight BGA memory chips are used on each side of the PCB for a total of 16.

The sticker on the memory module shows only the rated frequency and the timings. It would have been nice if the voltage and capacity were indicated here as well.

The memory chips are made by Micron on a Brainpower PCB and do not have any further information like frequency printed on them.
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