ADATA HM Series 650 W Review 12

ADATA HM Series 650 W Review

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We would like to thank for supplying the HM Series review sample.


It seems that many traditional memory manufacturers (and other companies) lately decided to follow Corsair’s and OCZ’s steps to enter the PSU market with interesting new products. This, of course, is a very good thing for all consumers out there because as the competition gets tougher prices drop quickly, performance and quality go up and the consumer has a larger choice of products.

ADATA chose wisely to pick Channel Well Technology (CWT) as the OEM of their HM series PSUs. CWT has huge experience and manufactured many high quality units for a variety of major companies (like Corsair for example). The HM series consists of five PSUs with capacities spanning from 550W to 1200W. Today we will test/torture an HM-650. This PSU, as you already figured out from its model number, has 650W capacity, features a semi-modular cabling system, is 80 PLUS Bronze certified and uses a special scratch resistant paint for its case. In addition it is equipped with a ball-bearing fan with LED lighting and all of its capacitors are Japan-made, something that ensures high reliability and increased life span.

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