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Aerocool Project 7 PSU 650 W Review

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The box is large and features a nice graphics design. At its front is the PSU with its modular panel, shown against a pretty dark backdrop. What does draw one's attention at the front is the "In collaboration with TechPowerUp" description in the top-right corner; the Cybenetics badges, which describe the ETA (efficiency) and LAMBDA (noise) ratings this PSU earned, are in the bottom-left corner. Next to these Cybenetics badges is the 80 PLUS Platinum badge.

The side of the box describes this PSU's most interesting features, which include its certifications, the high-quality bulk caps, RGB fan and speed curve, and fully modular panel.

The rear of the box goes over all available connectors and includes the power specifications table. Here, we also see the optional P7-Hub you will need to activate the RGB functionality.


This PSU is protected very well inside its box, as you can see by taking a look at the photos above.

The PSU is stored in a bag, and you will find all of its cables in a pouch, which is a nice inclusion since you most likely won't use all of these cables.

This bundle includes the user's manual, two sets of zip ties, Velcro straps, and normal as well as thumb screws for mounting the PSU onto the chassis.


A sticker with a mention of the unit's passive mode covers the AC socket.

Given its unique exterior design, this PSU surely won't pass by unnoticed. It is nice to see something as different, without the omnipresent honeycomb design. The power switch is installed below the AC receptacle at the PSU's front, with the cooling fan facing upward.

Small stickers on the side mention the PSU's model number.

The power specifications label is on a large sticker that fully covers the modular panel. Under this sticker are several screws which need to be removed before the main PCB can be taken out of the chassis. This is something most users won't do, but it will surely prove troublesome to some reviewers.

Compact dimensions and an interesting design set out to offer something new in this market.


Every cable is flat and completely black since it consists of darkened wires. Aerocool didn't use any extra filtering caps on these cables, which makes them flexible and as easy to attach and route properly as possible when it comes to the PSU's installation.

The cables are pretty long, and the connectors are adequately far apart.

This is the cable you will use to connect the PSU with the P7-Hub. Although the later is optional, the cable is provided along with the PSU.

RGB Controller Hub

Aerocool included the optional RGB controller hub with this sample; it allows you to control the speed of up to five fans, their RGB lighting - if you use RGB fans - and the RGB lighting of the PSU and other RGB-specific components (e.g. RGB strips). Please note that this RGB controller hub isn't only for the PSU, but the entire line of Project 7 products, which also includes coolers, fans, cases, and even gaming chairs with RGB lighting.

Aerocool's RGB hub is also able to synchronize all RGB 4-pin-compatible products, not just Aerocool's own compatible RGB products.

Aerocool RGB Controller Hub
Model NameP7-H1 (Project 7-Hub1)
Main FunctionPWM Fan Speed Control
Connector9-Pin USB 2.0
LED Output2 Connectors (Expandable)
LED Output (Watt)Up to 24 Watts
Fan Output5 Connectors
Fan Output (Watt)Up to 18 Watts
System CompatibilityWindows 7 and Newer Versions
Software EnabledLED Light Control
AccessoriesVelcro Strap x 1
Screw x 4
Black Zip Tie x 4
EAN Code4713105958843
Here's a small video showing the hub and its control software in action:

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