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ASUS Maximus III Gene P55 Review

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The ASUS MAXIMUS III GENE motherboard comes in a little square box, thanks to its relatively small size. The box itself is a bit taller than a standard Micro-ATX box from ASUS, which serves well to keep the board protected. Taking a look at the outer shell, there's not alot to see, other than a bunch of logos for the technologies the board supports, and a brief explanation of each. Lifting up the panel on the top of the box reveals more of the features, with a description as well. I'll take a more in-depth look at the features listed here in a minute, as I just wanted to highlight how much thought has gone into the packaging, and the first impression it gives when it first is laid in your hands. It's quite clear that this is no budget board.

Looking inside the box, we can see the board in all its glory, covered by a protective plastic anti-static shield. Removing the plastic reveals the full board, contained within its own cardboard tray, which provides ample protection from damage caused by the board sliding around during shipping. Removing the tray reveals the included goodies, and given the amount of them, it's great to see them secure in thier own container.


In the lower tray we find:
  • User's manual
  • 1x I/O Shield
  • 1x Cable Ties
  • 1x SLI Cable
  • 1x 2-in-1 ASUS Q-Connector Kit
  • 1x ROG Connect Cable
  • 3x 2-in-1 SATA signal cables
  • 1x ROG Cable Labels (12 in 1)
  • 1x ROG Theme Label
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Driver CD
  • 1x ROG Case Badge
ASUS has included alot of goodies in the box, cables for drives, zip ties to keep wires tidy, stickers to decorate the case, as well as all the other standard ASUS accessories. The addition of the drive cable labels are something I personally appreciate in a big way, especially since changing system configs often is the normal routine. The only other thing I could have asked for to be included here is a set of thermal probes for the onboard thermal headers.
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