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BitFenix Formula Gold 750 W Review

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We would like to thank BitFenix for supplying the review sample.

After the very good Whisper line, BitFenix hasn't stopped, again cooperation with Channel Well Technology (CWT) for yet another PSU line, the Formula series consisting of more affordable members without modular cables. The Formula series includes four units with capacities ranging from 450-750 W.

The strongest Formula PSU - its model number is BF750F - will be our subject of interest in this review. The BF750F has 80 PLUS Gold efficiency and meets Cybenetics' requirements for their corresponding ETA-B (88-91% efficiency) and LAMBDA++ (<20 dB[A] noise) ratings. This is a very quiet PSU, and the other Formula units with less capacity are even quieter. As it seems, CWT is an expert when it comes to building quiet platforms, which BitFenix has taken full advantage of with both its Whisper and Formula lines.
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