Bitspower Summit EF-X CPU Waterblock Review 16

Bitspower Summit EF-X CPU Waterblock Review

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Bitspower is one of the largest brands in the PC DIY watercooling sector, most well known for their extensive range of fittings. Based in Taiwan, they have access to most of the hardware vendors as well, and it is no surprise then that they have also expanded heavily into waterblocks within the past few years - competing with EKWB when it comes to the number of SKUs and support for non-reference PCB GPUs. At the core of any waterblock vendor is a flagship CPU block, and Bitspower has been lacking in this regard for a while now. It was thus appropriate that my first CPU block review here happens to be when Bitspower has just introduced a new CPU block, one they aim to put forward their brand even more.

Originally called the Summit GT X and now changed to Summit EF-X, Bitspower has retained their design scheme in having a large square top with rounded corners to go with a thin metal mounting bracket. The Summit EF-X comes in Intel only and AMD only options and thus needs to be chosen carefully with no current compatibility kit accessory available. It comes in options of acrylic, nickel-plated metal, and gold-plated metal tops, and thanks must be given to Performance PCs for providing a review sample for analysis.


Bitspower Summit EF-X CPU Waterblock (Intel)
Top:Choice of acrylic, nickel (or chrome) plated brass and gold-plated brass top
Cold plate:Nickel (or chrome) plated copper
CPU socket compatibility:Intel LGA 775, 1366, 115x, 2011, 2011-3
Dimensions:95 (L) x 95 (W) x 18 (H) mm
Ports:Two, BSP G1/4" threaded
Warranty:1 year
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