Cebit 2006: Day 6 Review 1

Cebit 2006: Day 6 Review

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At SiS you could see the SiS Mirage3 Graphics chipset in action on an AM2 motherboard. The chipset supports Socket 754, 939 and of course AM2. Using an external encoder chip you can even implement HDTV output on the motherboard.


Of course you could see extreme cooling as Asetek. They had a nice 5.46GHz system running as live demo.
What I found cooler though was this small self-contained water cooling system. It is designed to work in small form factor systems like this Shuttle. The pump is located on top of the waterblock, all in one plastic case. The system comes prefilled and is maintenance free. Right now a small issue is the placement of the radiator, but Asetek is talking to case manufacturers who want to build a case which is specifically designed to accomodate this cooling.
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