CeBIT 2007: Akasa Review 1

CeBIT 2007: Akasa Review

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Akasa has been showcasing a few new small form factor cases. These are based on mATX or ITX mainboards and are made of aluminum. The smallest kind lacks an optical drive bay but that is quite usual for a case of that size.

The notebook cooler pad line-up has been extended. Akasa only offered variants without any connectivity but made out of aluminum with two fans. The new variants also feature a USB hub and come in two different sizes. The larger one is intended for 17 or 19 inch notebooks while the smaller counterpart is intended for 15 or 15.4 inch portables.

Akasa also introduced a low end version, made out of plastic. There is no real downside with that type of material, as the fans do most of the work. The grooves guide the air across the entire bottom of the notebook.

As with a lot of other case manufacturers, Akasa displayed a modded case with an immaculate paint job, the optional available window side and was built using a lot of different Akasa parts. The large Evo CPU coolers and a few cables from the company can be seen clearly through the window.

The newest CPU cooler from Akasa is a closed loop, all in one liquid cooling HSF design. It includes a small pump in the base and a large 12 cm radiator with a black or clear plastic to hold the fan in place.

Akasa does not only produce retail coolers, but is well established in the OEM sector. They have two glass cases full of different designs for original equipment manufacturers, including BTX offerings.

They also have some mid tower cases on display. The entry level case now includes a white variant. Akasa included their front panel card reader with temperature LCD in the display, but the two items are sold seperately. The latest addition to the case line-up is a white/black mATX case which can be stood up or placed flat on a surface. It looks very nice with a shiny paint job and should look good as a HTPC in any living room.

To round up the offered enclosures, Akasa showcased all of their hard drive enclosures, which come in various shapes colors and sizes. They have also started to offer USB hubs, card readers and a 2in1 device which includes both of the afore mentioned functions.

They also showed off their version of a fan controller. It comes with multiple, interchangable faceplates. Interestingly enough, colors like gold and red are included as well. Their entire line-up of fans and accessories was hung on a shelf. As you can see there are quite a few different variants of fans and cables. The offer all the extras you would need when building a PC yourself.

To round things off, they also displayed their newest power supply. This will be their top of the line offering and will be able to handle most high-end systems.
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