CeBIT 2007: Albatron Review 0

CeBIT 2007: Albatron Review

Albatron is showing the most innovative AMD 690 based board. While other manufactures use mATX or ATX for the new AMD chipset, Albatron actually packed it into an ITX form factor. It uses SODIMM memory and is fully featured. There is a Socket 754 based ITX board on display as well.

There are brand new full size ATX boards to be seen as well. Their Intel P33 based board features 10 SATA connectors as well as two full sized PCIe slots. The top one is a normal PCIe x16 slot, while the bottom one is called the "Universal PCIe connector". The chipset is passively cooled with heat pipes. The most interesting aspect of this board are the TWO 24 pin power connectors. The second future Intel based board uses the G33. This chipset features onboard graphics and is usually used on mATX form factors. Albatron has chosen to create a full ATX mainboard with two full size PCIe slots, with the same configuration as the P35 based board.

There are two MXM GeForce 7600 based boards on display. Both are HDMI ready and consume a mere 20W.

The complete line-up of GeForce 8800 based boards is also hung up on the wall at the Albatron booth. These cards are reference design, as NVIDIA is not letting manufacturers change the PCB just yet.

Albatron also has two passive graphic cards on display. The first is a 7600GS running at 400 MHz with 256MB memory, while the second is a 7300GT running at 400 MHz as well. This one features even more sophisticated passive cooling.

The company is also entering the memory market. They feature a full range of 533, 667 and 800 MHz memory with either 512 MB or 1 GB capacity. The interesting and certainly very cool looking aspect of these DIMMs are the golden colored covers on the memory chips.

The AMD 690G ITX board is also up and running at their booth. The stock CPU cooler looks really big on this board.

Albatron also have their other ITX solution - the afore mentioned KI51PV-754 up and running inside a small Plexiglas enclosure. The company is looking into offering a case for their ITX solutions if the demand is large enough. The very interesting P35 board is also up and running with a GeForce 8800GTS and DDR2-800 from OCZ. It would have been great to see the system with their own memory brand. Only one of the two 24 pin connectors is being used - by a 20 pin power supply.
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