CES 2008: WayTronX Review 19

CES 2008: WayTronX Review

WaytronX is the company behind the Hydrojet produced by OCZ Technology. They have a suite at one of the hotels on the strip, showing off not only the Hyrdrojet cooler, but an up and running system with two ATI cards cooled by the large cooler as well. The unit should be able to handle 400-600W of total heat. One of the key ingredients to this cooler is its directional carbon baseplate. This allows much more efficient heat transfer than a traditional copper base. The carbon is quite strong and will not wear away over time. As the following pictures show, the graphic cards - may they be AMD or NVIDIA parts - can easily be cooled by simply extending the loop for the coolant to flow through. This way you could simply attach a third or fourth video card to the setup, without having to take apart the entire unit and eliminate any large loop or longer tubing. The pictures below show the cooler and the setup in all its glory:

Hydrojet Gallery:

OCZ has signed an initial order for 5,000 pieces with WayTronX. WayTronX does not product the product themselves but is a pure technology company that engineers and develops a product and licenses it to other companies.

Another interesting cooler, built on the same technology, has been created for seperate graphic cards. The unit below cools a ATI Radeon HD 3870. It is quite massive, but allows for very low temperatures in a closed and completely isolated cooling system. The entire unit is powered through a Molex connector, plugged into the power supply. This is necessary because the fan control output on the graphics card changes the output voltage, but the pump needs a constant 12V supply for operation.

WayTronX Radeon HD 3870 Cooler:
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