Chieftec Nitro SPS-750C 750 W Review 32

Chieftec Nitro SPS-750C 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Chieftec for supplying the review sample.

Chieftec’s products are well known for their high performance/price ratio. Especially in PSUs Chieftec managed to pull out some really good units at very good prices, making the brand attractive for all budget-minded users. In computer terms Chieftec is a company counting many years in business, since it was founded in 1990. Initially they started with PC chassis as main products and later expanded to other areas. From 1998 Chieftec owns a production factory in China, with more than 6000 employees, so you can easily get the picture that we are talking about a big company here.

Till recently Nitro 85+ was the hi-end PSU line of Chieftec including only one 80PLUS Silver member with the rest being 80PLUS Bronze, so it was time for the launch of a new line that would feature higher efficiency PSUs which however would be affordable for most users. The new line kept the naming scheme but changed "85+" to "88+", indicating the higher efficiency. The four new Nitro PSUs utilize a semi-modular design, feature a characteristic red chassis and are 80PLUS Silver certified. In this review we will test the second most powerful member, the SPS-750C. This PSU has 750W capacity and is equipped with four PCIe connectors. Well, enough with the talking let’s cut to the chase.

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May 21st, 2022 11:13 EDT change timezone

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