Club 3D CSP-X1000CB 1000 W Review 0

Club 3D CSP-X1000CB 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank Club 3D for supplying the review sample.

We strongly believe that as the competition gets harder, the products get better and cheaper. So, in the end, competition benefits the consumers. With this in mind we are very pleased to see manufacturers, till now irrelevant with this field, to present power supply series.

Club 3D currently has a line up consisting of five PSUs with capacities varying from 400 W to 1000 W. The two smaller members (CSP-S400/600) are suitable for single VGA systems, the two middle (CSP-S700/850) for dual VGA and the strongest one (CSP-S1000) for triple VGA configurations. Our only concern is that Club 3D brought a knife to a gun fight (80Plus Bronze efficiency). The competition has already released 80Plus Gold and Platinum certified ones are right at the corner. However before we draw any conclusions let's first test the PSU and see how it performs.

In today's review we will take a detailed look at the CSP-S1000 with 1000W capacity, semi-modular design, 80Plus Bronze efficiency and four +12V rails.

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