Computex 2006: DFI Review 2

Computex 2006: DFI Review


The LanParty UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G will be the new highest end motherboard from DFI. It uses NVIDIA's new nForce 590 chipset for AMD AM2. It has of course all the features of the NVIDIA chipset including dual Gigabit Ethernet with teaming support. A great novelty is the digital PWM which allows a much more stable power supply to your CPU. This was debuted by Foxconn during Cebit but not on a high end enthusiast board.

This IC and its surroundings enable the digital PWM feature.

Another novely is that the SerialATA connectors are now angled by 90 degrees. Which allows a much better routing of the HDD cables.

For the midrange segment the Infinity NF570 SLI-M2/G has been created. It offers all the features of NVIDIA's nForce with support for AM2 at a lower price. Here you can also see the angled SATA connectors, so this might be something we will see on all DFI boards in the future.

DFI is not really looking into creating a high-end i975 motherboard because there are already a couple of boards out and the new Intel chipsets have been announced yesterday anyway. So to still be able to satisfy the demand for i975 the INFINITY 975X/G exists.

On the Southbridge you can see this grey "heatsink" it is a ceramic which has great heat transfer capabilities. So you don't even need a regular heatsink on the SB now.

ATI does AM2 too with the RD580. The LANPARTY UT CFX3200-M2R/G supports AM2 and comes with the brand-new SB600 southbridge which no longer suffers from the USB problems the older one had. What you can also see here is that the chipset uses a high-quality copper cooler now. The four SATA ports on the left are connected to a Promise SerialATA controller chip so you can do SATA-II 300MB/s too with that board.
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