Computex 2006: GEIL Review 0

Computex 2006: GEIL Review

At GEIL we also saw the first DDR3 modules. Regarding which chips were used the answer was "No, it's not Nanya. But I can't say more at this time". At least this shows us that several manufacturers are working on DDR3 chips and that the first samples are ready. As latencies something like CL7 is used, like at A-DATA.

For server products which need A LOT of memory (no, A LOT more than 4 GB) the fully buffered FB-DIMMs have been developed. They have a small driver chip on the module which reduces the electrical stress on the signal lines of the motherboard. GEIL doesn't see this as a too big market, but still they want to show that they have the technology to do it.

Have you ever wondered how the chips on the memory modules are picked? That's what this tester is for. You put in a bunch of memory chips into the slots and define settings like clock speed, timings and voltage. After that comprehensive memory tests are run, similar to Memtest86+, just with more in-depth testing.

These SD cards are waterproof and burn-proof. If you look inside the watertank you can see the modules in there. As I was told the burn-proof feature lets me put my lighter under it and the plastic would not melt. In addition to that a circuitry is in place which makes sure that there is no risk of destroying the memory from static electricity. Last but not least a small attachable connector is sold with the package that allows you to plug the module straight into a regular USB port on your PC. As with the A-DATA solution there is no need for data conversion or special driver software.

This is an AM2 platform running at breathtaking DDR2-1200. No, the timings are not CL7 this time. GEIL managed to get this memory to run at fast CL4, which is nothing but impressive. Unfortunately these modules are not sold yet, but they are looking into offering modules with default speeds beyond DDR2-1066.

If you are into heay-duty USB sticks, these might be for you. They have an aluminum shell which makes the stick almost impossible to break. In addition to that the USB connector is retractable which mean there is no cap you could lose.
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