Computex 2006: Thermalright Review 3

Computex 2006: Thermalright Review


As most of you know TEC (Peltier) cooling has a major drawback. In order to cool a load, you need a lot of power. To overcome this problem Thermalright is working on a combination of watercooling and TEC. In regular mode two fans cool a radiator, when you turn on the TEC it will cool an additional 20 Watts which gives you about 4-5°C better temperature. This could be useful for example when doing overclocking runs. During regular use you can keep the TEC off and save power.

Another new concept they have been working on is an external VGA cooler which puts the heatsink on the backside of the case. Thermaltake has a similar solution with much smaller heatsink though.

For a more traditional VGA solution this cooler has been developed. It uses the common combination of heatsink and heatpipe to cool your video card.

This huge passive heatsink can keep even demanding CPUs cool, if there is some airflow inside the case.

The SI-128 tries to give you solid cooling without needing such a huge cooler. It still makes good use of the available area.

The Ultra-120 is a sized up version of the Ultra-90. It can be used with any 120mm fan you want to.

This smaller cooler has been designed for the needs of OEMs. It is priced similar to a generic stock cooler but offers a lot better cooling performance.

Even though it's still an early sample this memory heatsink shows what's possible. Following the traditional Thermalright design this might be a good way to get a few extra MHz out of your memory - if the price is right.
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