Computex 2006: Thermaltake Review 13

Computex 2006: Thermaltake Review

Thermaltake is probably the company with the most new products. The number of new innovations they have if simply amazing. When asked I was told that "we don't have that many people working on R&D. Only about 50.".

The new Mozart TX is clearly designed to go into your living room and be your universal media station. It comes with a different case design and is both ATX and BTX compatible. The system depth is only 36 cm compared to the 55 cm of regular cases. The case is divided into four sections: 5.25" devices, 3.5" devices, primary system and secondary system. This means you can put two systems into one case. Each section has its own thermal zone. Heat will not travel from one section into another. The secondary system is using Mini ITX.

If you travel a lot to lan parties but don't want to accept compromises when it comes to extensibility Thermaltake's Lanbox might be ideal. It uses all standard sized components. Even the huge Blue Orb from Thermaltake fits fine. Running two cards in SLI or Crossfire is possible too. The whole case including the carrying handle is made from aluminum. Total weight of the empty case is around 6 to 7 kg.

The Discovery FX kinda reminds me of other alien themed cases. The novelty here is that in the front there is a water tank for your cooling system.

This small LCD screen which has a native resolution of 1024x768 goes into a drive bay and can display crystal clear text at that resolution. Dear Thermaltake, I want one. Please please please.

The Dual Power 520W is a combination of fanless and active fan PSU. It has a small fan on the backside. If the fan is turned off the PSU runs all passive and can supply up to 380W. If you need more juice you can turn on the fan and you have 520W at your disposal.

The Toughpower 1200 is physically bigger than your average PSU, but it also offers up to 1200W for your experiments with Quad-SLI.

Mixing mains power with water is a bad idea, but Thermaltake has ensured this won't happen in this fanless, watercooled PSU.

The PowerExpress 315 is an improved version of the original PowerExpress VGA power supply. Its maximum load has been increased to 315W and there is also an LCD readout which tells you how much power your video card(s) consume.

Thermaltake's highly successful Orb series has been improved. The Blue Orb FX comes with some LEDs embedded in the fan blades and displays text which unfortunately can not be customized.

Even more fans from TT use this technology now. An actually useful feature is that the temperature of a sensor in the motherboard is displayed on the fan.

The Orchestra is an external radiator for watercooling. It uses a different, smaller design than the Symphony mini.

The AquaTMG radiators use a new technology called Dimple Tube. It creates a vortex which improves the heat transfer rate.

Sapphire is using the Tide Water in their BLIZZARD liquid cooling. In addition to the old Tide Water two new products have been developed. The Tide Water mini uses only one slot and the Tide Water plus is able to handle two waterblocks which cool two video cards.

The BW760 integrates radiator, fan and pump into a 5.25" drive bay device.

Thermaltake has also developed several new videocard coolers for ATI and NVIDIA cards. The AT1 reminds me a lot of a competitor's product.
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