Computex 2007: Alutek Review 0

Computex 2007: Alutek Review

Alutek, just as the name suggests, has a full range of all aluminum HTPC cases on display. While the Alutek booth may not look very fancy the cases take care of the 'wow' factor. There are several full ATX cases with and without VFDs in both black or silver. Some feature two dials while others do not have any at all. If you look closely, some enclosures have air vents embedded in the sides to aid in active air flow and cooling.

A few more such cases can be found on the top shelves of the booth. Once again black and silver are used while the designs are quite different. Their cases come at a broad price range with various features.

A very interesting aspect are the fanless cases. These utilize a heatsink design and the aluminum material to dissipate any heat the components produce. Do not expect to place a desktop Intel or AMD chip into these cases but notebook CPUs will do just fine. The first such case does not feature any display or drive bays. Alutek aims this case at cashier systems which do not require a lot of power but absolute silence. The touch screen can be secured on the top of the case. The case is actually on display standing on its side. Next to that you will find a case aimed at cars. It is very small and does not have an external display. You will find a drive bay, card reader and front I/O allowing the case to be used as a basis for an in-car HTPC. The third such case is meant for use in your living room. It utilizes a Soundgraph VFD along with the software and remote control. You will also find all the usual connections and the slimline drive bay in front of the case.

Alutek also sells these cases in silver. You can take a look at the inside of the case where the heatpipes can clearly be seen. These work very well, as the surface above the CPU, for example, is much warmer than above the optical drive bay. It is not hot enough to burn you, making these cases a perfect silent addition to your car or living room.

The company also has a full color 7 inch LCD inside a HTPC case. The layout looks quite traditional and the LCD is of the touchscreen variant. Not all cases are made completely of aluminum. There are some with a plastic front which will reduce its cost. On a side note - we also spotted a case that looks just like the 3RSystem HT-400 we reviewed here.
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