Computex 2007: Arctic Cooling Review 2

Computex 2007: Arctic Cooling Review


Arctic Cooling is continuing the Accelero line-up with the Accelero Xtreme. It features three extremely quiet 8cm fans. These are chained together to use the single connector of the graphic card. There are several heatpipes and a copper base to aid cooling. This cooler will be available for the R600 and G80 cards.

There are several new CPU coolers on display as well. The Freezer Xtreme utilizes an embedded 12 cm fan for active cooling of the 226 fins of the heatsink. There are heatpipes to transport the heat from the copper base to the fins. This one is not quite ready, as Arctic Cooling is still refining the mounting mechanism to be as secure as possible. While this cooler will be compatible with AM2 and 775 socket based systems, the other three new coolers are meant for the Intel platform. The first two are simple, but very effective and very quiet coolers and feature either a 8 cm or 9 cm PWM fan. The third cooler is a low profile cooler. Arctic Cooling introduced the same kind of cooler for AMD platforms recently and has now followed up with a Intel variant.

The company will also be introducing a 550W power supply. While this may not seem a lot, the 550W are on the system side, meaning it will deilver that much to the system. With an efficiency of at least 81% it looks very promising. Arctic Cooling is continuing the theme of silent computing with the power supply as well. Their thermal paste has also been updated. The MX-2 is the successor to the MX-1, with better thermal characteristics.

A lot of different manufacturers are using Arctic Cooling products to cool their graphic cards efficiently and silently. The price, performance and quality of these parts make them a perfect choice for manufacturers. The Accelero is now also available with active cooling. The "Turbo Module" consists of two silent 6 cm fans which can be clipped on the Accelero and also offer the usual 6 year warranty of all Arctic Cooling products.
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