Computex 2007: Corsair Review 4

Computex 2007: Corsair Review

Corsair did not have a real booth on the Computex show floor, but a large suite in the Hyatt Grand Hotel. They were mainly showing new DDR3 and flash storage products.

The most amazing memory product was definitely this DDR3 running at 2000 MHz DDR - that's 1000 MHz real clock! Even though the latencies were quite relaxed at 10-10-10-24 this is still a nice showcase to demonstrate what DDR3 can do. It will be quite a while until we see retail memory running at this speed - Corsair went through a lot of testing to find two modules that could handle that speed.

Two shipping DDR3 products were demonstrated as well. First, we have the XMS3 DHX DDR3 running 1333 MHz at 8-6-6-24.

At slightly tighter latencies an XMS3 DHX DDR3 kit was presented as well running 1333 MHz at 8-6-6-18.

Corsair is proud to announce that Dell uses Corsair memory in their super expensive high-powered gaming machines. This is a big milestone as it will help bring the Corsair brand to more users outside of the DIY market. Also having a big player like Dell choose Corsair memory shows other potential customers of Corsair that Corsair is doing a great job in delivering memory performance.

While we have seen the new Corsair Flash Voyager GTs already reviewed, they were on display at the show again. On the outside you have a hard, rugged aluminum shell that protects the stick from anything you could throw at it. The GT version will offer high transfer speeds of up to 35 MB/s while the lower priced sticks in the blue color theme are focused on offering you affordable mass storage.

A little gem we could find in this booth is this AMD Reference design RD790 motherboard. RD790 is AMD's upcoming chipset that will have support for the new Barcelona based "Phenom" CPUs, scheduled for later this year. As you can see the chipset will have support for up to four PCI-Express graphics slots which will make it a great choice for future configurations in which one (or more) GPUs work on physics. Corsair decided to show this static demo to express their commitment to the AMD platform and that they have products working and ready. As I am told, Corsair has been validating their memories for a while now on this platform to ensure customers have a good experience when using their memory.
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