Computex 2007: Elixir  Review 3

Computex 2007: Elixir Review


Elixir has a very cool looking booth at Computex this year. As you can see it certainly grabs your attention. They are using Command & Conquer 3 to show off their brand new DDR3 memory.

These memory sticks come with a dark blue PCB and Elixir has timed them quite nicely at 7-7-7 for 512 MB or 6-6-6 for 1 GB modules. It is interesting to see that the smaller one utilizes slower timing than the larger capacity UDIMM.

Elixir did not stop there as they have 1333MHz DDR3 at 9-9-9 timings as well. All of these do not come with any headspreaders, which shows that these are of no real purpose and only add to the overall look and feel of the DIMMs. Another very interesting memory device at their booth are the DDR3 SODIMM modules running at 1066MHz CL7-7-7. Both these sticks are 512MB.

A system running DDR3 at 1600Mhz is also present. There is no further detail as to what timings or voltage is being used to achieve this speed. The display system was running a Command & Conquer 3 demo. As you can see, a beautiful Elixir booth babe was not far off either.

As is the case with most other major memory manufacturers, FBDIMMs can also be viewed at the Elixir booth. They are one of the few to show a complete line-up of this memory type at Computex.

Their DDR2 1066MHz DIMM running at 6-6-6 has received the Taiwan Excellence Award. It is good to see that DDR2 has matured enough to allow such timings at default voltage.

Last but not least, we want to show you the packaging of the Elixir modules. The color theme goes with the booth and features a small window showing what's inside. Certainly quite attractive, considering that many other manufacturers simply use an all-plastic package.
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