Computex 2007: GeIL Review 1

Computex 2007: GeIL Review

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GeIL memory is showing their entire line-up of memory products at this year's Computex. One could say they are returning to the good old days. GeIL has decided to show some of their past products, even though these are no longer being produced. The spotlight is on the Golden Dragion series, as their newest offering is a reincarnation of this theme in form of the Black Dragon line-up.

The first thing you notice at their booth are the three running systems. The first of these actually runs two DDR3 DIMMs on a P35 mainboard from ASUS. GeIL shows them running at a very impressive 1500 MHz at CL6. Next to that, there is a DDR2 system running at 1200MHz. This gives the memory a rating of PC2-9600.

The third system uses one of the first quad channel kits available, which combines four 2 GB modules for a total of 8 GB of DDR2 memory running at 800 MHz and CL5. This may not seem like such a big thing, but considering the amount of memory running this on a single mainboard is by no means an easy task to manage. These modules will be sold under the Black Dragon brand. Not only do these have a neat black 8 layer PCB with a dragon head in the middle, but this image also has two small, red LEDs which light up in place of the dragon's eyes. The silver heatspreader you see is not used on these modules, but shows off the new design of the dragon.

The DDR3 part comes wrapped in clean, powder black or chrome head spreaders, while the SODIMMs are either left naked or with a yellow heat spreader. These notebook modules come in 800 or 1066 MHz flavors, with up to 2 GB a piece. There are also value DDR3 modules on display, which are not set to run at exotic speed or timings.

The Ultra series of memory also gets a very nice speed bump to 1160 MHz at CL4-4-4-12. You will also find Mac compatible memory modules, as well as FB DIMMs at the GeIL booth.

Last but not least, there are a few USB 2.0 memory sticks to be found as well. These come in different sizes and speeds, but retain an identical enclosure. A bluetooth MP3 player with bluetooth headset is also on display, but we were told that this will not be sold under the GeIL brand, but is a creation for a customer.
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