Computex 2007: Leadtek Review 0

Computex 2007: Leadtek Review

The most exciting graphic card shown at the large Leadtek booth is the PX8800 Ultra-Leviathan. It is a watercooled GeForce 8800 Ultra, clocked at 684 MHz on the core and 2322 MHz memory. The watercooling unit is supplied by Cooler Master and Leadtek has decided to create a pre-filled SLI kit using two such cards with the unit. It is on display at the booth up and running. The fan on the radiator is actually very quiet. You can also buy a single card with the same cooling system, but you will not be able to upgrade one such card to create the SLI kit shown above. The waterblock on the card is just slightly higher than one PCI bracket, so you will still have to use both as is the case with the normal GeForce 8800 Ultra.

They also have the rest of the G80 series on display. These cards are clocked at default speeds. The GeForce 8800 Ultra is stock with the reference cooler. The GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB and the 320MB variant also use reference cooling but with a slight change in design. The different colors make the differenciation between the two types easy.

Leadtek also has a very diverse midrange line-up of GeForce 8 series cards. Starting with the 8600 GTS, there are several versions available. You can choose between a stock 8600 GTS with 256MB or 512MB. The company also offers an overclocked 256MB version running at 710 MHz (stock is 675 MHz) for the core, while using stock memory running at 2000 MHz. The GeForce 8600 GT comes in three flavors as well - two with DDR3 memory and one with DDR2. The above image shows the GeForce 8600 GT with 256MB DDR3 memory. The stock and extreme versions of this card look exactly the same and utilize the same type of cooling. The overclocked edition runs at 590 MHz on the core (stock is 540 MHz) and 1800 MHz memory (stock uses 1400 MHz).

The GeForce 8600 GT with the cheaper DDR2 memory runs at 540 MHz on the core and 800 MHz on the memory. Continuing with the GeForce 8500 GT, there are two versions as well. The 'extreme' variant uses active cooling in combination with a heatpipe and DDR3 to achieve 520 MHz on the core and 1400 MHz on the memory. You will be able to buy the GeForce 8500 GT Extreme with either 128MB or 256MB memory. The GeForce 8500 GT with DDR2 uses 512MB and runs at 490 MHz on the core and 800 MHz on the memory. The 256MB DDR2 variant uses the same type of cooling as the PX8600 GT but with a light red fan cover instead of the blue one. Do not be fooled by the SLI bridge on the 8500 GT above. Even though it is there, it cannot be used for SLI with a bridge.

These two cards actually show the low end GeForce 7 series, but the GeForce 8400 and 8300 will look very similar to these cards.
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