Computex 2007: NZXT Review 0

Computex 2007: NZXT Review

The above case - called Rouge - is most likely the most interesting new case at Computex. It is a portable. all aluminum mATX case, which can fit 8800GTX/Ultra SLI systems. It is long enough to fit a normal ATX power supply. The Rogue will come in black or silver.The black variant will use red LEDs in the front and in the fans. The sliver one utilizes blue for lighting the case. There are fans on either side of the case for active airflow. The case will come bundled with a carrying strap. The one pictured above is not the final one. I will most likely have space for a keyboard/mouse and LCD montior as well.

The newest mainstream case does not yet have a name. It is well built and uses steel as the main component, with a clean front. A few well placed blue LEDs light up the front, but not as excessively as other cases. The fan in the back utilizes LEDs as well. The screwless design of the drive bays makes for an easy installation, while fitting large graphic cards should not be a problem either, as the hard drives are installed sideways. The Hush, pictured in the middle has started shipping already and features a full aluminum front and steel body. The drives can be installed without any screws in this enclosure as well. The Lexa now features two additional models. The Black Line series has an all black exterior and featuers either all red or all blue LEDs.

NZXT is also offering high quality power supplies. You will not find crazy ones with 1500W or even 2000W in their suite in the Hyatt. The Precise series goes up to 1200W. They offer a variant with modular cables. There will be no PSU with more power, as there is no need for it. Just for comparison, a 1200W power supply can handle two 8800GTX SLI systems at the same time.

NZXT also introduced a notebook cooling pad with active cooling. It fan also be folded up to save some space. It is made of high quality aluminum. It will be avaiilable in black and silver. There is a rubber lining to keep the notebook in place.
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