Computex 2007: Qimonda Review 0

Computex 2007: Qimonda Review

Qimonda also has a very colorful booth which is open on two sides. It may not be as large as Elixir or A-DATA but does have a few very interesting items we want to highlight. Even though Qimonda was not located in the center of Hall 1, they have raffles and games for the passing Computex visitors. The focus at Qimonda is definetly not overclocked memory, but on specialty items not found on display anywhere else.

There are two demo systems up and running. While some manufacturers show you DDR2 or DDR3 running at insane speeds, Qimonda has decided to show some unique hardware. The first is a preproduction model of an ASUS mainboard which lacks the usual DIMM slots. Qimonda is supplying the memory to be soldered directly onto the mainboard. This reduces the overall cost and takes the term "integrated" to the next level. The second image shows SODIMMs running on a standard desktop mainboard with the use adapters. These plug directly into the mainboard and take the notebook memory.

There are two further display "bubbles" at the booth. The first houses various portable devices which use the companies memory. The second let's the visitor know that Qimonda also produced GDDR memory to use with graphic cards.

As most other memory manufacturers, Qimonda has some DDR3 modules on display. These come in standard configurations with 800 MHz or 1066 MHz. While such desktop memory is found aplenty at Computex, you will also find some DDR3 SODIMMs running at 800 MHz at their booth. You can also see some DDR2 memory both in SODIMM and DIMM format. All of these run at JEDEC speeds.

FBDIMMs (Fully Buffered DIMMs) is another item which is being displayed by most memory manufactures is also available for your viewing pleasure at the Qimonda booth.