Computex 2007: Scythe Review 6

Computex 2007: Scythe Review


Scythe had a booth at CeBIT and are naturally present at Computex as well. Their entire cooler line-up as well as fans, power supplies, and some other very interesting items, are on display for everybody to see.

The Kama Cross was recently announced and features three heatpipes that ascend on both sides of the base, crossing in the middle to end in an array of thin fins. These are then cooled by a 92 mm fan. The second new release is the Ninja Mini, which is meant for low profile cases. The Ninja is one of the few passive heatsinks out there and Scythe also has the all copper variant at the booth. This one will not be sold, as the material is simply too expensive to justify the slight increase in performance.

Another very nice CPU cooler features a combination of a large amount of fins, heatpipes and a metal strip, which has been bent and welded onto the CPU cooler, to draw even more heat away from the CPU and to the fins.

We were also shown a prototype cooler, which can easily be described as the biggest CPU cooler out there. Scythe also has a fan to go with the sample, just to show a possible cooling solution. To give you a rough idea of the sheer size, we placed a normal sized CPU cooler on the fins. The 10 heatpipes run trough the entire array of fins, while a small cooling block above the CPU draws the heat into these pipes.

Most of you may not be aware of the fact that Scythe also sells power supplies. These are exclusive to Japan, but we made a few pictures for you. Their strongest offering delivers 550W. The first PSU is a very small one called Mity Mute and delivers 300W. Scythe's Kamariki III is available with 400, 450, 500 or 550W and comes with a 12 cm fan and mirror finish housing. The Gouriki power supplies come with permanently attached cables or as one with removable cabling. These come in 450 or 550W. Scythe is currently looking into selling their PSUs on the European and US markets.

The Kama Connect 2 is an updated version of the one we reviewed in the past. You can now power notebook hard drives with the unit itself and do not require the power brick. In addition to that, the set also ships with rubber sleeves to protect your drives, as they are used out in the open. The Kama Thermo Infra-Red does just what the name implies - You can measure temperature by using infrared. The result is then displayed on a small display. Scythe included a mini USB port if you prefer visual feedback in form of a red LED to let you know exactly what your are pointing at.

Another interesting product behind a glass window is the X-Zero, which is a full aluminum hard drive enclosure, that is placed into a 5.25 inch bay. Another is a floppy & card reader combination, so you will never have to choose what to install in cases which only have one such drive bay. The Kama Wing is a memory head spreader, which are affixed using double sided thermal strips and two included clips. These ship in packs of two and are made of aluminum.
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