Computex 2007: Top Power & Abee Review 0

Computex 2007: Top Power & Abee Review

Top Power

Top Power has some very interersting power supplies on display. The by far largest power supply is the 2000W offering. The bulk of the unit is placed inside a large, black enclosure with a fan cooling it. All the power is routed to the inside of the case using an additional enclosure with takes the place of your power supply. This end uses modular cables to keep these to a minimum. Another very interesting one is a colorful, high performance PSU, called PowerXLR. This one is available in a chrome finish as well (shown below) and ranges between 400W and 1300W. Top Power also has a modular power supply on display which looks much like the Hiper PSUs, but uses a unique, patented circular connector.

The afore mentioned chrome variants are pictured here. It is available with two fan sizes. Top Power produces some units with very specific dimentions. The middle picture shows power supplies which are 9U high. The last picture should be very interesting for all users of mATX enclosures. These are extremely short units but can deliver up to 800W of power to your system. These are a perfect upgrade or replacement to the PSUs found in the Apevia X-Qpack 1/2.

Top Power also produces 1U and 2U server power supplies. A graphic card power unit is also on display. It can deliver up to 450W of power deticated to your graphic card sub system.


Top Power also has a few Abee cases on display. The company is located in Japan and makes some of the highest quality aluminum cases available. One of their strong points is the paint job as you can see in the images above. The first one is a mid tower with a white extrior and red interior paint job. These cases look amazing and the construction quality is excellent. The second is a mATX case with a blue exterior and matt black interior. A closed, red mATX cas can also be viewed at the Top Power booth.

There is a big tower case with an amazing gold interior finish on display in the back of the booth. The interior layout of this case is nothing ordinary as well. The last case was actually up and running. This silver mid tower enclosure has a completely modular front. This means that you can arrange your drives, hard drives and front I/O in any order you wish. As we can only enter one link at the top of this article, check out the Abee homepage to take a look at all of their cases.