Computex 2007: TwinMOS Review 0

Computex 2007: TwinMOS Review

TwinMOS also has a DDR3 demo system up and running. This one is using DDR3 1333 MHz. These are 512MB sticks running at CL8. These do not use a headspreader and look quite standard. The company also has a 2GB stick running at CL9 and 1333MHz. A sign above the memory states speeds between 800 MHz and 1600 MHz for DDR3.

The Twister seiries from TwinMOS was quite successful during DDR1 times. The DDR2 series also features speeds from 800 MHz to 1066 MHz. Another interesting kit is the 4 GB dual channel DDR2 800 MHz. Note the Vista sticker on the package. You will also need a 64bit OS to utilze the 4GB kit properly.

TwinMOS also offers standard memory running at JEDEC standards. This is for users looking for the quality TwinMOS delivers, but do not require the overclocking potential. You will also find notebook and Apple memory at their booth in Hall 1.

The flash based product line extends through all format. Some very nice items include a 300x Compact Flash card with 8GB, a microSD card with a Sony Memorystick Pro Duo adapter and a miniSDHC card.You can also find various SDHC, miniSD and microSD cards on display.

TwinMOs also offers an SD and USB card reader combination. The card itself has a capacity of 2GB while the card reader can read 8 formats. There are a slew of USB 2.0 memory sticks in a display case as well. It is really diverse and, while most of these are rather large, you can choose between extra features like fingerprint security or leader casing.

You will also find speakers for Apple iPods. There are two models available. One is a singe unit with stereo speakers while the other consists of two units, as the subwoofer is in a seperate enclosure. It also features a remote control, so you can change the songs from the comfort of your couch. Both speaker systems are available in multiple colors.

Another area which TwinMOS is getting into are GPS systems. We just want to give you a quick overview. As you can see there are a lot of different models available.