Computex 2007: Zaward Review 0

Computex 2007: Zaward Review

Zaward may not be a big name in the retail market, but they have supplied many companies with their products. When I walked by their booth the above CPU cooler seemed very interesting and it was not the first time that I saw the Sylphee CPU cooler. The Verax fan is placed inside the heatsink, while heatpipes traverse the thin fins above the cooler - quite the unique design.

They are one of the few companies with direct touch heatpipe coolers. There is a tower variant with such a design, calles ZikaRay. It utilizes 3 heatpipes to keep the CPU cool. The second is called "Square Advance" and utilizes a 12 cm, 20dbA fan to cool the three large heatpipes. Both of these also use some very solid mounting mechanism. Zaward is using springloaded screws instead of plastic clips.

Zaward is the actual manufacturer of the "golf" fans. These have indents like a golf ball, which are suppose to aid the air current and reduce noise. There are several different CPU coolers with such a fan on display. All of these use heatpipes as well.

They are also displaying a pre-filled watercooling kit using a 12 cm fan and radiator. The water reservoir can be refilled and Zaward is shipping the system with an additional bottle of coolant. Another interesting item is the Twin Tower northbridge cooler. These utilize two heatpipes which use thin fins to dissipate the heat. This one is available in aluminum with cooper heatpipes or as an all-copper variant.

The company also offers some performance thermal paste. It comes in a syringe and clear plastic packaging. Besides that, you will also find a full line-up of their "golf" fans as well. Sharkoon is one of the resellers who buy these fans and rebrand them. The last picture shows, that Zaward is also doing a lot of OEM and ODM work and their line-up of such cooling solutions is rather extensive.